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Pants? Thrifted (similar here) Blazer? American Retro, Winners Tee? Joe Fresh Purse? Thrifted (white and cheap here or neon and not cheap... but awesome here) Bracelets? Thrifted, Stella and Dot and reworked vintage 
Shoes? Ralph Lauren, DSW (here)

Sometimes, even when I am wearing high-waisted floral pants and a blazer with ostrich feather trim, I can think of nothing to write about. That's probably because some reality TV show is on in the background and it's hard to focus on what to write about with all the yelling going on. Why is it that people on reality TV can't seem to talk in a normal tone of voice and always need to yell at each other to make a point?

It concerns me that the next generation may grow up thinking that constant screaming is a normal way to communicate. It also concerns me that the next generation may grow up thinking that weird pants and a feathery jacket is a normal way to dress. Who am I kidding? I love this outfit. The only thing missing are some sequins. 


Secondhand Stella said...

I love that blazer!!!!

Anonymous said...

What's not normal about that outfit?

More than a little jealous that you were able to thrift some floral pants. I looked for AGES and finally bought new!

Unknown said...

I love that jacket! Very cute! :)


Anonymous said...

Digging those floral pants, so hot right now! And the blazer is to die for! Great spring look!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Sweetened Style said...

Love it. This is high-waisted done properly!

Jessica Gitler said...

i am so with you on this, love that outfit!!

Please may I? said...

Stunning blazer!

X x

Anonymous said...

Cute ostrich feather trim on the jacket.

contrary kiwi said...

Those pants are awesome!!!!!

Thrifted Shift said...

You're funny. And you look so great! Not just anyone can pull off feathers and flowery pants with such panache!

The Girl with Everything said...

So I think those pants used to belong to my Nana. Somehow, you make my Nana's pants look so cool.

Unknown said...

I like those floral pants; but those floral pants that are out in Walmart with the light colored flowers with sweat pants material are awful. I can't relive my highschool 80s look! ;-) You made me howl with laughter at your reality show yelling comment followed by your comment regarding your outfit. Hilarious!

Unknown said...

Although knowing you, you probably could MAKE me LOVE thos Walmart light floral sweat pants with the way you wear them with neat accessories. That's my challenge for you. LOL

Rebecca Jane said...

Those floral pants are seriously great.

Unknown said...

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