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Jacket? Banana Republic, thrifted Pants? h&m Shirt? French Connection Boots? Winners Bag? Gift from my Mama, she found it at a garage sale... Necklace? The Last Hurrah

I'm in Holland again. I'm just such a little jet-setter... or, I found a flight that was dirt cheap and I finally got to meet my new nephew (yup, he's cute).
I took my huge leather travel bag, even though every time I use it I curse it for being slightly unwieldy and ever so heavy. Part of me feels bad for using it, because I don't want to wreck it but on the other hand, it's such a fun bag to tote around...well, except for the shoulder pain. Turns out that having too much pride and insisting on carrying a cool old vintage bag was the best decision on the plane. Many people were testing the limits on hand luggage to the maximum (and by testing, I mean they were blatantly above the limit) and by the time my seat was called for boarding, the overhead compartments were full. People were scrambling to fit everything in safely because there was talk of off-loading the whole plane... Between all the hand-luggage suitcases, I found a little open corner and I was able to carefully squish my bag and make it all fit. 45 minutes after departure time we finally got all the hand luggage secure and we were able to leave... I was just thrilled that my bag was squish-able and useful for once, instead of being just a pretty pain in my shoulder...


Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

such an amazing bag! and apparently very functional :)have fun in Holland :)

Have a great weekend!


Fashion Fractions

Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb said...

Love this outfit: the boots and bag pull it all together perfectly! Great colours :)

Catherine x

shae said...

Have a great trip, congrat's on your 500th blog. Not a waste of time ;)

Terri said...

Great job on bringing a squishable bag! Nothing is more hilarious than watching people freak out about their luggage.

Sofia S said...

I love that outfit!!!

Terrie Mathison said...

You look great! Love the coat and the bag!
Enjoy your trip!

GFS said...

I think that bag was in my dreams last night? I was carrying it around and people kept asking me where I got it.

And I refused to tell them. Because...well...I'm better than them. Obviously.

I was also as tall as you in the dream. Then I woke up.

YOu get everything. The best oversized bags and height. And I read about you on your blog:)

Not fair!
YOu look fabulous!

Unknown said...

Awesome bag! What a great find! Dim digging the chic neutrals in this look!



megan said...

I have a similar coat in white and I never use the belt. Didn't think to tie it behind my back though! Brilliant! And love the shirt.


Ness Pas said...

Can we talk about how much I love that you dressed up for travelling? On, and your lipstick is perfect.

Have fun in Holland!

BmoreLoveLeigh said...

I do love that bag! It could fit a small child in it (or a large one)! Ha! Does it have a shoulder strap, or just the top handles?

Unknown said...

That bag is AWESOME. Your mother made an excellent find with that one!

xoxox Shay

Frannie Pantz said...

I'll declare "yay" on two accounts--one for adorable nephews and two for envy striking gorgeous vintage leather luggage with a great squishability factor. Love this bag and the blazer. And the polka dots. And the boots. I just love the whole she-bang. Other than the pain in the shoulder. That ain't cool.

Anonymous said...

That is definitely a wonderful bag. Have an amazing time. Eat some good kniepertjes for me.


Jessica Gitler said...

i love this look, your hair is also fantastic in these photos!!
have a great trip!!

Mattie @ Frock Candy said...

Love this bag!

And I have serious anxiety on the plane. Not because I'm afraid of flying, but because of all the trouble it is to get your bag into the compartment at the top. Am I following the directions? Am I holding up the line of passengers getting to their seat? Is my bag taking up too much room? Is my behind in this guys face?

HA! Love your blog.

x.o. Mattie

Emily said...

Safe travels!

I have been secretly following your blog for about a year now and finally made the commitment to 'Join this site'. Thanks for the clothing inspiration and great cat stories!


Leah said...

Enjoy your time in Holland with the new little nephew!

xo L.

Unknown said...

enjoy your time!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

You look so so pretty!! I love the mix of camel with your printed top! Have fun in Holland! xo

Unknown said...

I love that bag, sometimes fashion comes before usefulness. Have an excellent time in Holland.

Tiana said...

i LOVE the polka dot top and oversized red bag :)
absolutely flawless

- tiana of l'esthetique

frases para enamorar said...

wow This Outfit is truly Rocking, Simply Love The Color Combination! You look stunning and these red boots are rocking too!

Jelena Zivanovic said...

I am so smitten right now with your magnificent bag!!!:) Lovely look, great style and blog!:)


Sweet Laundry said...

It's totally all about the carry on these days. On a recent trip to the U.S. I was charged $23 dollars one way for 1 checked bag. It's ridiculous! Have fun in Holland! That vintage bag is gorgeous!

Rebecca Jane said...

What a perfect bag for travelling! It is amazing!

Jennifer said...

I hear you on the hassle of having a cool vintage bag.. I have an old (hard) vintage suitcase and it hurts my hand to carry around. The plastic handle combined with the weight of the suitcase and my clothes sucks!

xo Jennifer

Mukherjee said...

Can we talk about how much I love that you dressed up for travelling? On, and your lipstick is perfect. Have fun in Holland!

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