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Staying Put


Leather skirt? Thrifted Sweater? Thrifted Shirt? Gap Boots? Joe Fresh Tights? Hue Scarf? A gift Purse? Liz Claiborne, thrifted

Autumn this year has been so long lasting and pleasant that I think I have been in denial about the imminent arrival of winter. But it was cold last week and I was cruelly reminded that I do, indeed, live in Ontario, Canada. For a fleeting moment I daydreamed about moving somewhere where winter means 'teehee, let me put on my little silk scarf to keep out the breeze' and then I remembered how bad Kyle (one of our cat children) is at moving. Last year we moved to a new house 7 minutes away and Kyle spent an entire week either under the bed or under the duvet recovering from shock. That week Kyle slept with us beneath the covers every night, pressed up to our bodies as close as he could (quite cute actually...). I would pull him out from the covers a couple times at night because I was worried he would overheat. That week Matt would also patiently sit with Kyle twice a day, convincing him to eat a few kibbles at a time(really cute actually...). So for the sake of Kyle's rather delicate nature, we will stay put and endure another winter. If only Kyle could express his gratefulness... but he is too busy sleeping.


Artfully Awear said...

I love the skirt--you look so festive! And how sweet about Kyle. I have a large lop rabbit named Edward and he reacts the same way to moving and traveling! Ahh, what we endure for our pets :)

stephanie / those tricks said...

Poor kyle the cat.
Moving CAN be traumatic.
How lucky to have such a sweet kitty-coaxing hubby.
ps cute scarf!

Thessa said...

This is some great layering technique! And it looks super warm. I agree about autumn being especially long this year. Hopefully spring will come soon and we'll have a short-ish winter :D.

Meg said...

Oh, those cute fuzzy furbabies. At least I can't imagine a scenario in which either of them would have trouble eating.

Conroy, our boy, has been known to nestle into someone's chest and sleep peacefully there all night. It's pretty adorable.

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

I adore that sweater! I almost bhought a similar one at F21 today ^^ Cats can be so cute :) it's their instincts! they get SO attached to their surroundings :) x

Sophie said...

Love that sweater!

Anonymous said...

You look amazing! I love the layering!


Anonymous said...

Layers are a must when it starts getting colder - and you pull it off so well. My dog gets all weird and stops eating when he's stressed too.

Anonymous said...

Oh it's great how you've put together a bunch of basic pieces and turned them into an amazing look! Love the red cozy sweater!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Unknown said...

love your skirt! this outfit is so chic!

Anonymous said...

Love this. Especially the red sweater -- so festive. As a local Hamiltonian myself, I have to ask: where were these photos taken? I love the backdrop!

Looks and Books said...

Great outfit. I've been looking for a leather skirt, but hesitate because I'm unsure of what I can pair it with. But you show that you can pair it with a simple sweater and scarf and still look amazing. Also, love those boots.

Unknown said...

Love love love this outfit.. so much that I just wanna run go to the store n get one red sweater!

Santina said...

And with this post you secured a permanent place in my crazy cat lady Follow Fridays! The things we do for our cats - sheesh! :)

Love the mix of textures in this look!

Frannie Pantz said...

I totally hear you. Colorado winter is no joke. I wish I could still pull off the bare legs, open toe shoes and cardigans in place of winter coats. But alas, winter is in full force here.

Love the leather skirt!

Lindsey A. Turner said...

Love this outfit! Super cute! You look so great in red!

Lindsey Turner

Please may I? said...

What a great combination. Great look.

X x

Secondhand Stella said...

Awww, poor Kyle.

Love your red sweater. I love red on you.

Anonymous said...

That skirt is a great thrift find!

kristin @ high socks said...

hehe, kyle is a great name for a cat. i love people names for pets.

it finally got chilly here in pei and i'm not a fan. i know it's the middle of the december but i'm somehow surprised to see icy puddles in the middle of the day.

Elissa said...

Move down here to Texas. Kendi and I will keep you outfitted in thrifted scarves and comfort Kyle through his post traumatic disorder from moving.

I've been looking for a black leather skirt forever. Yours is pretty fantastic.

Outside Looking In said...

Love the layered look and the red sweater!

The Semi Sweet said...

Looking adorable!! I love that skirt.

Oh and your cat sounds like my dog. She's always going under the covers.

Loulou said...

Great photos and outfit. And such a cute (but sad) story about Kyle. =^..^=

Loulou Downtown

Christen said...

My parents have actually decided to stay put for a while too for similar reasons. My mom's dog is aging and this past move to Houston has really upset him. They just don't want to put him through it again. And face it, if you moved somewhere warm, you wouldn't get to wear so many great layers!

Terri said...

Love all your layers! Our dog doesn't like moving either, but at least he manages to be cute about it.

Greetings from Texas! said...

Awesome pics!

Kastles said...

Oh Canada and your lovely weather! I agree with you on that one. Do you find it hard taking blog pictures in the cold? I always whip off my jacket and people look at us like we are nuts! haha.
I adore this red on you and great pairing with the skirt! I have been wanting to get those Joe boots. Are they comfy?
<3 Kastles

Unknown said...

Love this look from head to toe.

Sarah said...

Love the red sweater! I'm terrible at layering, I always end up looking like a homeless walrus even when all the individual pieces I choose are nice.
It's my husband who does the post traumatic stress thing after moving - he gets so attached to the place we are he hates to move to a new place (and then of course becomes really attached to the new place, etcetc).

Sarah x

Annie said...

Aw poor Kyle. What cool pics...kinda looks like you fell into a ditch (looking really cute)and can't get out in that 3rd one down. Love that scarf and that leather skirt :)

The Other Side of Gray

The_Leather_Skirt_Blog said...

Your leather skirt rocks! Is there anything better to have in your wardrobe? So versatile.

LOVE this whole look!

Moving isn't any fun, I don't care where you are moving to.

Free Coupon said...

The skirt and the bright red sweater seems so full of life.. you looks so vivacious and so festive in this dress.. Great Style!!

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