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Still Unsure







Skirt? Pink Tartan, Winners
Shirt? Gap
Beaded collar? Antique store
Tights? Joe Fresh
Coat? Vintage, thrifted
Shoes? ID Browns

I love that these pictures capture a tiny bit of winter's often under-appreciated beauty but maybe, if we had been 10 minutes earlier, they might have also captured how purple my tights were. Because coloured tights are a big deal for me... I have warmed up a tiny bit to them through the peer pressure of blogging but I am still wary of jumping on that crazy train. The last time I wore coloured tights on the blog was almost exactly a year ago. I liked that outfit, it was fine but I am shocked that I really love this whole look so much. This could go two ways, I relax my anti-coloured tights stance a bit more and accept them into my life on the regular or I wear coloured tights once a year and we make it a holiday weekend. Don't scoff at the idea... I live in Ontario, we've made holiday weekends out of much less... every once in a while, the government will take a month with no current holidays and throw in a new long weekend. I am trying to think of other perks of living in Ontario right now, just to convince you to join us here in the province of long weekends... Oh, I got one, it's so cold right now that the pipes in our kitchen appear to be frozen. Which may sound like a bad thing, but it's not... it's a beautiful excuse to ignore the dishes in the sink.


(And in addition to the colour wheel, I am working on the all-season runway collection of outfit picture too... it's busy around here.)


C said...

That second picture of you is effing stunning. I love this outfit, too. Simple but lovely.

Prissy said...

Love this outfit...especially the shoes!! I love a heel with an ankle strap


Nana Erin said...

Sometimes I wonder how you avoid breaking your gorgeous little neck! But you look stunning! <3

Alison at Wardrobe Oxygen said...

The details you put into your outfits are amazing - love the necklace, and those shoes with those tights - fab!

Laura said...

I looove your coat! And I recently experimented with colored tights, too and it sure does a bit of fun to any outfit!

The Suburb Experiment said...

I agree with Between Laundry Days. That second pic down is gorgeous!

suzanne said...

i've just discovered your blog and have officially fallen in love with it. i have to force myself not to read all of it as i'm at work and unfortunately Reader of Wonderful Blogs is not my job title.

you are adorable! i'll be back!


Sidewalk Chic said...

Nice to see you try colored tights again! And I'm really in love with your beaded collar -- what a find!

So cool to see the seasonal changes in your photo spot... :)

Unknown said...

You have just inspired me to try colored tights as well! I am going to file this outfit away in my inspiration folder because I absolutely LOVE it!

And you're standing on a picnic table. In the snow. That's either crazy or awesome or both :).

Libbie said...

Love how you added the collar so it looks almost like the shirt has a Peter Pan collar. Very clever.
Love your blog!

heidikins said...

LOVING the purple tights, and the purple + light blue combo! <3


Katie Dodd said...

love the additon of your seasonal retrospective! Also - I stole a collar JUST like this one from my grandmother when I was home for christmas. Love it.

Anonymous said...

I love how your outfits are always classy yet simple. I'm happy you gave color tights a chance, because they are the best thing for winter blues! :)btw: I seen the prettiest pearl collar at my antque store and didn't buy it, I'm going back!!

ps.I have always wanted to move to Canada and now you have sealed the deal..hehe

Natalie said...

Pretty pics!

In Kinsey's Closet said...

Wow! I love the last pics with fall/winter look so beautiful! I love the close up, you are gorgeous!

Lindsay Jean said...

Ok, you convinced me. I'm coming to Canada for the free holidays! The tights totally make the outfit - I love it! You look great.


Emily said...

Where are you finding these freakishly long picnic tables? Is this an ontario thing too?
Family day... pshhhhh

Linda said...

Um, excuse me! Ontario Rocks because
A. Its in Canada and Canada is wonderful
B. Your family thought it was cool enough to immigrate to
'nuff said.
Cry all you want, its always 5 degrees colder in B town then the T dot...yikes!

Anonymous said...

frozen pipes? in the new house? not good.

the outfit is lovely. I like the touch of the color and had not realized your avoidance of colored tights. I'm still getting used to them. All photos of bloggers on stillettos in snow or ice make me nervous, nervous, nervous.

Nadine said...

Gorgeous! Photos, outfit, setting, all of it.

Natalie said...

I ♥ all our long weekends! Family day? So good! Also, your outfit is wonderful.

the other emily said...

Funny, before I even read your post I thought, Oooh, pretty tights! They look so great with this outfit that it didn't even occur to me how out-of-the-ordinary they are for you.

I also really love the bib necklace layered over the chambray button-up - I'm trying to experiment a little more with higher/more buttoned-up collars, and I think the necklace-under-collar technique is one I'll definitely have to try out.
the other emily

Unknown said...

holy collars, batman! the combination of the necklace, chambray shirt, and furry coat collar is soooo good!

SWF_Terra said...

Oh, colored tights are so fun. You must tell me, are those shoes black or green? They look green in that close up and I think purple and green are such a lovely little color combo.

Veronika Novotny said...

I am loving the whole coloured tights look. I also bought mine at Joe Fresh and love them! Love the tights on you, super cute paired with the dress shirt, and lovey that necklace. As for all your extra holidays? So jealous BC really needs to get on it! xx veronika

Sara said...

You should never take those shoes off--they make your legs look KILLER!! Step aside, Tina...

The whole outfit is amazing, and I love the collar. I would pretty much have no problem stealing every piece you're wearing!

Tabitha said...

I'll be honest, I can't find any good excuse for the weather we're having in Chicago. I wish I could say we have snow days, but sadly we don't.

Santina said...

That collar is adorable - what a find!

E said...

That coat is utterly delightful! And the necklace looks wonderful around your collar!

Linda W said...

I wore and wrote about my tights this morning too. Twinsies, I say. But you are the way more fashionable twin. And the one with better pictures.
And, yes, my real sister seems to get all sorts of strange Canadian holidays. I'm glad it is not just me that thinks the holidays are random and excessive.

The Auspicious Life

WendyB said...

I'm in favor of self-declared holidays for any reason.

Samantha Kirkpatrick said...

I love those tights. I have them too.

zeldahopper said...

Question for you... I just got a nice (thrift) well made red dress. It's scoop neck, tank style top , fitted, knee legth. So I live in a cold climate area too. Do you think if I wore tights and a cardigan over it I could wear it to a banquet? It's red ( like tomato red) so if yes? Then what color tights. Shoes? Sweater???? Or no to the whole thing? I wish I could post a pic of it and get some help. I struggle in the fashion arena. But that's why I read your blobby.... I'm workin it out!!!!!!

Savannah said...

I wore some hot pink tights today. I was scared, but I think it turned out quite nice!I love your look, super chic!

nmaha said...

I just found your blog and am so happy to hear someone say that they are not sure about coloured tights.

I tried them, I really did, but it just doesn't seem to be me.

I'm reading some of your back posts and I must say, I love your sense of style.

Taylor Marie said...

That coat is to die for! I also love the way you styled your denim shirt, so chic :)

Andrea Whitehead said...

Haha, love your comment on Ontario's long weekends! I've always felt the same way.

In honor of your post, I think I'm going to wear colored tights every day of the Family Day long weekend :)

myedit said...

Zeldahopper- Please email me a pic, you got me all curious. I can't find a way to contact you so I hope you check back:)

Sheila said...

I'm a big fan of coloured tights, and these look awesome on you! Good golly, you've got long legs!

Tina said...

What an engenius way to wear a vintage colar. I would never have thought to tuck it under the colar of a blouse. Love it!

maggeygrace said...

The collar on your top is just adorable. SO cute. It adds so much! I love this outfit. Your tights are the perfect shade of maroon! So chic and elegant.

Brittney said...

oh, i love this. the shirt is extra awesome, and i especially like it with the necklace/collar. simple and beautiful!

FutureLint said...

That collar fills me with unparalleled jealousy! It's soo cute! I love the coat too!

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

I love that beaded collar with your shirt. And I think you should relax on the tights AND have a public holiday to celebrate the fact that you've come over to the dark side. Best of both worlds.

PS I love that last comparison shot - it looks like such a different location in the different seasons.

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I love this outfit! That collar is so unique and fun! xo

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