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Pants? Rag and Bone, Holt's Last Call ($30?)
Sequin vest? Thrifted
Shoes? Thrifted
Wristlet? Coach, gifted
Sunglasses? Forever 21

Between work and making a wedding dress and six bridesmaids dresses, it feels like I haven't had time to do much else. Besides apologize.... apologize to my readers for not posting regularly the last while, apologize to anyone who has called or emailed for being a super flake and not getting back to you, apologize to friends for hearing but not having the brain capacity to listen, apologize to my parents for not visiting enough and mostly apologize to my patient husband Matt because clean underwear is constantly in low supply. So sorry, the madness is almost done!
Glad that's off my chest...

The beat on the fashion street is that kitten heels are making a big comeback. It makes sense. Over the last few years shoes have gone to the extreme in aggressive styles and heights and the tide will inevitably turn to a more demure look. I bought these heels years ago from a charity thrift shop because they were quite cute and in excellent vintage condition and this is their first time out. They are probably a tiny bit higher than kitten heels (teenage cat really....) but they are my lowest heels and it actually took a bit to re-adjust The Strut. I didn't wear them to be on the cutting edge of fashion (while I understand their use, I'm not a huge little heel enthusiast), I wore them because all my other heels made my pants too short and all my flats made my pants too long. Essentially, these heels were like Baby Bear's porridge.... just right.


eleanor said...

Oh, you make me laugh.
That gold top is beautiful, and I love the shoes! You're right, teenage cat heels. Hmm, doesn't have quite the same ring to it though...


Elaine said...

I'm not a fan of kitten heels. I have short stubby legs so I feel I need to make them look as long as possible!

Love the gold vest!!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Sarah said...

I really like the trousers. They look so classy!

The Pretty Pauper said...

What a cute top! I seem to be drawn to anything that sparkles!

(The Pretty Pauper)
Feel free to check out my blog:)

minnja said...

Amazing outfit, I love it!

Nadine said...

WOW. Spectacular.

Sidewalk Chic said...

You look so dapper and awesome in this outfit. I love your sequined top!

Good luck with your busy schedule and don't worry too much about apologizing -- we all have busy lives sometimes. I hope once it's all over you'll be able to post photos of your craftsmanship -- I'll bet that bride and her wedding party will look stunning because of you :)

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Gorgeous as always. Man, how do you manage to pull it off even when you are that flat out??

Oh! My headband arrived today. Hooray! I'm formulating the perfect outfit for it. Stay tuned...

GS said...

Teenage cat hahaha! Your sparkly top is beeeautiful!
I was just thinking to myself the other day how you should apologize for working so hard. What am I supposed to do in between your posts? Have a life? Ridiculous.
Now we know how to rectify this situation, right? Two jobs and a blog! crazy. Quit making those dresses (half done is pretty much done, no?) and tell people to landscape their own yards... THEN post at least 5 times a day. Solved!

Victoria said...

I love that vest - gorgeous!! I'm quite please to hear that kitten heels are making a come back too as I've lost my ability to walk in ridiculously high heels :(


Emily Kennedy said...

I have been crazy busy like this too! How do people who stay crazy busy deal with the guilt?! I guess they just don't have lives.

Laura said...

Your trousers look so great, I love the high waisted smart trousers they look so chic!

L x

Half Dressed

Raquelita said...

Those trousers are amazing! You look incredibly chic for someone who is so busy!

Anonymous said...

You can do sequins like no other. And I love the idea of teenage cat heels.

tess said...

that's a fantastic sequined top!

FutureLint said...

Those pants are perfect to balance out all the sequins! I am anti-kitten heel, but we'll see... I own one pair and I never wear them!

Unknown said...

This is such an awesome outfit! Love, love, love! Pinstripes + Gold sequins - just brilliant!

Small Time Style

Mari said...

I really love this outfit on you. The sequined top fits you perfectly and is a great color. Loved the scalloped pattern made by the sequins

Destrehan's Daughter said...

I love the look overall and those shoes are great. If kitten heels are coming bac, then I'm thrilled because I can drool over the height all I want but it's just not practical for my lifestyle.

Academic Writer (a.k.a. A-Dubs) said...

'Gorgeous ensemble, working woman! 'Any chance we'll get to see the end-products of all your extraordinary seamstering this summer?

Also, do you have any interest in entering out Wonder Woman Pose Conference? Because I suspect you could do a seriously bada$$ WW.

Lauren said...

I love this outfit, it's retro but not overly retro/pinup style. It's natural, chic, and comfortable looking.

Destined For Now said...

Wow! I'm always amazed with the way you put pieces together and I love it!

rlutz said...

great outfit...those pants make your legs look miles them with that sequin top!!

Kaleidoscope Adventures said...

The kitten/teenage cat heels really pull the look together! I've always been a fan of the small heel, but that's mostly because I don't have the grace or patience to learn to walk in the tall heels.

Linda said...

Those pants are amazing.
I love the kitten heels. Reminds me of Audrey Hepburn!

Mandy said...

Gorgeous shirt + love those kitten heels!

Secondhand Stella said...

Love the sequin top!!!!!

celine said...

God I love that top. God I love those pants. I can relate on being a bad blogger. I've been the worst.

Anonymous said...

How do you do your hair like this? Can you please do a tutorial one of these days???

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

This outfit is perfect (or just right) for dancing on picnic benches. I love it, you look very ladylike and chic.

Kara said...

love this look!! the vintage sequin blouse is amazing!! :)

and thanks for the comment! hahaha yes, you're right- credit to bryan adams for introducing us to the Canadian tuxedo though of course there are other honourable mentions along the way! ;)

Great blog! I will definitely be following!! :)


Kyla said...

Yeah, that's pretty much the story of my life. Ugh.

You sure do pull it together brilliantly, though!

paige said...

you look freaking amazing. nothing i dig more than a great pair of trousers with a fancy top.

i don't know about kitten heels though...not for me legs are a little too stumpy as it is.

barefoot & vintage

C said...

Oh dear god, I am in LOVE with those pants. In. love.

LyddieGal said...

The teenage cats are quite cute, and I love the sequined top. Simply divine.

Chic on the Cheap

Juanette said...

I LOVE the gold vest! *As well as many other things that you've worn, but this is my first comment. I was motivated by your shiny sparkly jacket to look for a similar jacket while I'm out thrifting and now I MUST add a vest to my wishlist as well.

BlackPearl said...

Love this look!

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