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A New Era





Skirt? A New Vision, thrifted
Dress as shirt? h&m, old
Belt? h&m, old
Boots? Aldo
Purse? Vintage
Jacket? thrifted

Another day, another double. After denim with denim, I thought I'd wear lace times two. I know, such a risk taker...what's next? I asked Matt what the next natural step would be and he said I should try some double leopard print. I think that was a challenge...
Today's post is not about my outfit, it's about a new era in blogging. Today I am officially blogging while watching nothing good on tv (we have ghetto cable and it's Saturday afternoon). We finally got a laptop... Our computer had been giving me anxiety for a long time... sometimes it would be great but other times it would take foreeeeever to load a page and then it would crash. I tried bargaining with the old computer, I agreed to not leave my old ice cream bowls beside the keyboard if it would just let me click and quickly see what Tieka was wearing... that wasn't happening, to console myself I would eat the whole tub of ice cream and not use a bowl at all. A while back, we decided to get a laptop with our tax return but when I came home and saw sad face on Matt, I knew we owed money instead. There was a problem with the taxation rate at one of my jobs and we owed 4 figures in front of the decimal point. Ouch... I really wanted to be patient with our slow mc-slow pants computer but then this week, it took me 20 minutes to open up a comments box...with the tax cheque going off to the government this week and a new computer on my lap, the fun section in our budget has been capped. Meh... who needs to go out, or to even dress up when you can sit on the couch, watch tv, read blogs and eat chips all at once.


Tiffany said...

I feel as though my fiance and I are permanently in budget-mode. Occasionally if we have nowhere to go and nothing to do (or no $ to do it with), I just get dressed up, take my pictures and then put the sweatpants back on. Between the dressing, photographing, editing and posting I lose about and hour and a half and then forget why I wanted to go out in the first place. So maybe try that.

This outfit is awesome, very classy and super fabulous. It screams SPRING (but not too loud). Congrats on the new laptop.


Raquelita said...

First off, let me say that double lace looks absolutely amazing on you!

I owed taxes this year and am not sure if either M. or I are going to be able to teach a summer class this year to have income between June and August, when I start my new job, so I feel your budgetary pain.

Secondhand Stella said...

Ahhhh, love this outfit!!!!! The double lace really works.

Happy Sat! Did that package make its way to you yet?

Nadine said...

Super-gorgeous! I totally need to try this double-lace thing . .

Nadine said...

PS - You don't have any more shots with the jacket, do you?

a pretty penny said...

Gorgeous outfit and perfect location!

I had the same taxation oops at my job, and we ended up owing money, too :( It was painful to write that check and mail it in... Kept thinking about all the great things I could buy thrifting for all that money!

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Isn't being a grown up the pits sometimes?

This outfit is gorgeous and looks so stunning next to that tree.

Emily said...

Thanks for checking out my blog!
I love yours!


Annie, The Friendly Fox said...

That close up picture of you is gorgeous!
Those damn taxes! My husband and I owed 5 figures ("in front of the decimal point"). With the check went my dreams of fun, too!
At least now you can take your laptop to the ice cream parlor and make your old computer regret her behaviour.

my healthy twist said...

OMG, sucha gorgeous outfit!!! I love it! I love your blog! xoxo, natalya

Julia said...

Congrats on the laptop! You look heavenly and a little sexy in double lace -- I'm excited for double animal print. Double excited!


eek said...

Sorry to hear about taxes...that stinks!

At least you have a new laptop and I think you look amazing in your double lace!

Linda said...

Congrats on the laptop.
Boo to owing money.
Nice work with the lace.
You should take Matt's challenge, although I am sure in the back of his mind it has some sort of sexual connotation. Your sick Matt, SICK!

Celine said...

Absolutely gorgeous outfit. Yay on the new laptop but sorry that you owe money. I know how that goes - apparently I claimed 3 dependents this year...? oops.


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

What a beautiful look!! I absolutely looove the double lace! And the pop of red from the belt looks great. Love it!

Christen said...

"sit on the couch, watch tv, read blogs and eat chips" = exactly what I'm doing RIGHT now. Weird. Great minds think alike :)

T said...

well, at least you are looking pretty fucking fabulous.

cocojones said...

beautiful outfit, love the b&w laces, and the red lips and belt, also the ankle boots work perfectly with the whole look.

Sabrina said...

Love the double lace. You look amazing!

I am totally understanding of the budget thing. With the hubby being laid off, things are tighter than normal and no more super fun stuff going on with us. Especially my favorite thing to do... shop :(

Anonymous said...

Hooray laptop! I'm excited FOR you.

I dig the lace too. Word.

piglet said...

Oh no, hopefully your shiny new laptop will help you forget your money woes.

And you look so pretty in this outfit, the double lace looks lovely!

C said...

I'm with you on the 4-digit tax payment. Despite the fact that we've been living WELL under the poverty line, Joe and I still managed to owe a boatload of money this year. Poop.

And I'm with you on shoddy internet. Ours only seems to work at all if the laptop is on the floor at the foot of our bed. Not exactly ideal for spending a lot of time uploading pictures and commenting. Boo.

You do, however, look absolutely amazing. LOVING the double lace!

Holli said...

You're not alone in the "owe ass load of money to the government" game...I had a problem with my job this year too...problem being that they took way too little money out of my paychecks (still seemed like enough to me at the time though!)I've got a laptop that weighs 10 lbs that I've been "saving" to replace for years now. I feel your pain and CANNOT WAIT to get a new one that works...all of the time. Awesome. I love the outfit! Might as well look fabulous, no matter what the budget is :)

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Hahaha, I love this. I'm cracking up over here! I adore you.

And seriously seriously amazing photos. LOVE!

Kyla said...

I just LOVE how you paired the plaid under that fancy dress! And that wide shot of you next to that building is amazing!

Viv said...

Oh my gosh I am in love with this look.

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