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Because I Really Need More Vintage Clothing

The sisters that run the Etsy store The Last Hurrah threw a clothing party this weekend (read about it here). I was in when I found out that there was going to be scads of vintage treasure for sale but the liberal supply of sangria and chocolate zucchini cupcakes sweetened the deal.


(No, I didn't eat the 'r'... see the cupcake on the top right with the flower? It didn't last long after this picture and it was delicious... )


I took my bestie 'M' with me to the party. She has an eight month old daughter at home so I don't see her as often as I used to.... Is it bad that I was so glad to have her all to myself? Well, I had to fight for her attention with a rack of clothing but I can expect that... And guess who bought the most? That's right.... 'M', who's shopping habits have been curbed by the arrival of her baby, went all out and bought twice as much as me. And I was her proud enabler, encouraging every purchase...
'M' and I have been best friends since I was in Gr. 12 and she was in Gr.11. I broke highschool social code for her by forming a relationship with an individual from outside my grade level. As punishment they threw slushies at me...oh wait, wrong life. Actually it was good being her best friend, she worked at Gap for a while and life couldn't have been sweeter... but it was. Not only did I get to borrow all her fancy Gap clothes (my favourite 'designer' clothing in highschool, though I couldn't afford it), I also finally had a friend who was taller (! I'm 5'11!) than me.



Jacket? French Connection, Filene's Basement
Tank? ?, Winners
Necklace? h&m
Cute peeps toes that can't be seen? Primark

'M' was totally a good sport and posed for the blog. She said she felt awkward posing and didn't know what to do. I should have told her to imagine that she was Sasha Fierce... Regardless, she looks beautiful and I'm going to stalk her until I have an opportunity to steal that colourful necklace.



Bustier? Sonia Rykiel for h&m
Tee? Joe Fresh
Cargos? Thrifted
Jacket? French Connection, Winners
Boots? Modern Vintage, Winners
Bangles? Thrifted and Primark
Awesome necklace? Just purchased from
The Last Hurrah, I wore it immediately...

And wow... I'm posing like I'm soo bored with it all. Not true. The bustier just gave me some attitude. This was one of the only times that Matt has vocalized his confusion over my choice of wear. He didn't understand the whole bustier as outerwear thing... I am by no means Miss Modesty 2010 (though 1998 was a good year for me) but I do like to keep it clean. I tried to balance out the sexiness of the lacey top by wearing a tee and some heavy duty cargos. Thank-you cotton! And thank-you The Last Hurrah and 'M' for a lovely night!


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Lovely post about your friendship woven into the fabric of clothes.

Alex said...

Brave choice with the bustier but it works so well and looks great on you.

The cupcakes look scrumptious!

Some Like it said...

Looks like it was a great sale! Glad to have stumbled on your blog :-)

Secondhand Stella said...

Aw, that sounds like a fun night out!!! Love the necklace you picked up!

C said...

You are ROCKING that bustier, girl!

Also, for the FIRST. TIME. EVER, I got a repeat word verification. Have I truly cycled through ALL nonsensical words and am starting back at the beginning? (it was "cenipsy")

Celine said...

I love your outfit! It's both 90's and modern. Awesome. You and your best friend are so cute - and I know you've said before that's you're 5'11" but I just can't believe it. I always just assume you're about my height (5'6") haha. Lucky girl :)

Unknown said...

I love you cargo pants! I just stole some parachute pants from my brother. It's great having brothers in the Army who are the same size as me...and whether that means they are small, or I am large, is a question I'm not answering! :) Technically, I have the Army to thank for having everything be either small, medium, or large. And full of drawstrings. :)

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

your BFF is seriously gorgeous! and so are you, of course.
that bustier is extremely rad, especially paired over the tee shirt.
jentine win, again.

Ashley J said...

I just found your blog, yay!! Great clothing.

Elaine said...

You both look great! I love how you're rocking cargos. They're one of the hardest for me to style, personally.

Enter to win a vintage button-down shirt!
clothed much, a modest fashion blog

a pretty penny said...

I love the dark saturated wash of your denim jacket, and the bustier over the plain tee is awesome!

Fabulocity in Amish Country said...

Awesome look! :) I loveeeee that bustier and how you styled it!

melissa rose said...

i love how you incorporated the bustier! silly boys, they just don't understand. lol

Kyla said...

Gah! You are so bad ass, it's killing me!

Eyeliah said...

oh my gosh fun, they have one of my fav etsy stores. I got an amazing lace piece there that I will wear more this summer than last (promise!).

thelasthurrah said...

Thanks again for gracing us with your presence!! And the necklace looks fab!

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

No scandal here, just sweet ass style.

Whenever my husband doesn't understand a style that I'm wearing I reassure him that "they'll get it on the blogs". Try it, it works ;)

T said...

This is a hot look!

Christen said...

I love being my friends' enabler. Such a good feeling when they leave smiling with big bags of purchases! And I love this bustier - perfect with the cargo pants!

anna said...

mmmm zucchini cupcakes! your outfit is quite badass. a bit madonna. i love it!

Unknown said...

normally cupcakes win over anything but the bustier paired with the tee wins this time

love it