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It Doesn't Count As Spending If You Buy It Vintage.

I used to go to the VV boutique with my dad all the time. Lately, we've been reviving this tradition and he seems to be good luck for me, I always find good stuff when I go with him. The VV boutique tends to overprice it's 'name brand' stuff (h&m, old navy, American Eagle...) and it's funny to see an h&m dress selling for $15 when you know that it went down to $10 in the actual store sales last season. But the old, funky wierd stuff is priced decently though.

I got two brown leather purses, two belts and a pair of sunglasses. The last couple times, the purse selection had been disappointing, alot of faux and ugly but this time I found three leather purses and I even had to make a hard choice and settle on two. I felt like the bachelor, three perfectly good purses but I just didn't feel as much of a connection with the one, so I had to let it go. The one belt has fish on it (I know wierd, but just right) and the other is a belt I have seen plently over the last few years. However, this one is so authentic; beat up leather, good quality beat up hardware... I like it. And to top it off, a pair of sunnies that don't leave indents on my face (it happens a lot!)

There was a chic little upholstered chair there too but we don't have a lot of room and I worry a bit about what critters lie deep in the seams... I suppose i could have spray it but I must not have loved it enough...

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