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Grand Plans

Leather Bomber? Danier
Ruffle shirt? Gap
Jeans? Paige
Leather riding style boots? Winners

So, I had big plans to start this blog off right. My first post would be an outfit post from Valentines Day. Matt and I were going to a dance and I was going to wear a beautiful silk/wool Jill Stuart dress that I had hand shortened to unclass it a bit... that's right...unclass it. Sadly, Matt spent all V-day sick in bed with the stomach flu and I spent it on the couch with Thai take-out and a box of chocolates. Hence, my valentines outfit consisted of my yellow trackpants and my blanket; not a good start to a fashion blog.

This outfit is from the past weekend as well, pre-flu. I got the shirt super cheap during the Jan/Feb sales...hmmm... $11? It's a little big but belted or beneath a leather bomber? No one is the wiser. It's funny how there is all this coverage in the media (magazines, tonight on the news (slow news day)) about how to buy vintage or get good deals because of the Rece.... (I can't say that word, not in my first post) . I feel like that is how I've always shopped, it's just now you all wish you had my skills... haha.


Megan said...

I can't believe no one has ever commented on your first post. I typically always go back to the first post of a blog to get a feel for the beginning and how they started out - well, only if I really like the blogger :)

Visions of you in yellow trackpants eating chocolate makes me laugh, and reminds me of myself on most weekends. Ok, every weekend. said...

Haha, that's funny. That's exactly what I just did! Went to your first post because I like your blog.

And I'm currently wearing purple sweats with a blue blanket and some chocolate to my right...

Gilkipedia said...

I'm doing the same thing! Reading your first post and planning to read everything or most of what you've shared so far.
Love your blog!