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Chapter Three.

Dress? 1980's does 1930's, thrifted Shoes? Vince Camuto 1960's floral corsage? Vintage

I'm not back.
It's just that the other day my ankles were shaved, the sun was shining and I felt like my outfit was on point, so I suggested to Matt that maybe, for old times sake, we find a wall and take some outfit pictures.
He clapped his hands with glee because lately what he has been missing most in life is taking outfit pictures for me.
Or... in his typical laid-back way, he agreed, snapped my pictures in 3 minutes and we continued on our way. I cannot believe I used to post about 2-3 times a week and that Matt was such a good sport for yearssss about taking my pictures...

In my last post on the blog I wrote about shutting down the shop on Ottawa St... The month following that, I liquidated as much as I could (the shop was busy from the day the closure was announced until I shut the doors; there is irony there... turns out the key to success is failure), packed up the shop and said good bye. We went away down South with friends where we got a tan, burned our lungs at a foam party and survived getting stuck on a reef... The reef incident is a long story that will certainly get exaggerated every time we tell it, so in a decade this will be the tale of how we survived a week at sea with only rum to sustain us. When we got back from vacation the only thing we had left to do before we handed back the keys to the old store was to take down the sign on the front of the building. That night, as Matt passed the sign down to me off the ladder, I thought to myself that it felt like this should be 'a moment'... but it wasn't. It was just what needed to be done. I wasn't sad or bitter, I was just fine.

And here we are early April... Can I just say that it feels good to feel good? Moving primarily in an online direction (Etsy link here... shameless but necessary promotion) was 100% the right move for me. I love my new work space at the studio. It's so pretty that I kinda pinch myself that I get to work there... Once I get a new window for the space (this week! finally...) I will have natural light and I can work so much more efficiently at listing fabulous vintage. I'll also throw a party once that window gets here. Since I opened three locations in 2.5 years, I feel like I cannot throw another opening party, so we'll call it a window party; we'll hang up lights everywhere and pop that champagne. I'm open to the public on Tuesdays and by appointment and online 24/7 thanks to the wonders of the world wide web. Retail is never going to be easy, that is a lesson I have learned over the years over and over again. And there are always bins of vintage that need to be cleaned, bins of vintage that need to be mended and bins on bins on bins of vintage that need to be photographed but I feel like The Edit has a stronger and more united aesthetic now. I love helping old pieces find new potential and making vintage something that is about quality and fabulousness, it does not have to be something intimidating.

You know how a few years ago it was a thing in the blog world to write a letter of advice to your 17 year old self? There's not much I would tell younger Yen to change because it's all part of the journey I guess. I would tell myself that my hair and make up skills get better but that's just as future encouragement. I should maybe also tell myself to curb my sharp tongue a little because sometimes jokes cut a little deeper than they need to when sarcasm is your first language. I would remind myself to trust in God's plan a little more. That things don't always work out exactly as you thought and things get hard but there is beauty in lessons learned and new paths.
And that guy you start dating when you are 17 (eek! so young!), who you thought was maybe a bad boy, making baller status $14/hour and driving that amazing Tercel? He's not even close to a bad boy. He's totally low-key and solid and funny and will take outfit pictures for you for years and help you set up three shops and encourage you every day... He was a good decision.

I would also let myself know about chin hairs and how I have to pluck them every morning these days. Not that there is much 17 year old Yen could have done about that in advance, I just would have appreciated a heads up on that aspect of aging... Youthful, starry-eyed 20 year olds, consider yourself warned;)


Mimsie said...

I love the pics and the update. You sound very happy!!!

maryeb said...

What a nice surprise! It's great to "hear" your voice again. Yours is one of the few blogs I liked to read. It looks like your photographer has not lost his touch. Hope to see more posts.

Sheila said...

So happy to see you and hear you again, Yen! Your shop sounds divine! Glad you are still out there.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was just meeee! About the chin hairs that is - they are the absolute worst. I miss your blog. Come back!

Roots Out West said...

Happy to see your post. I always enjoy reading them. Sounds like your new endeavor is a very good fit!

Nic Ridley said...

Oh man. I miss your posts. Love your authenticity, and your sarcasm is the best.

gleeps said...

What a great and wonderful surprise your post is. I hope you'll continue to post when the spirit moves you - it's such a treat to hear from and see you. Your outfit is fantastic, but that's no surprise. I wish you happiness and posterity with version 3 of your retail venture!

Aurélie - Mounette said...

you are so chic! I like your shoes too!


Follow me on IG: lespetitesbullesdemavie
and FB:
I can follow you back :D

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, the chin hairs! I'm in my early 30's and have recently also needed to start doing this. Why don't women talk about his stuff more?!

Ingrid said...

Glad you are well and happy! As an old lady who has dealt with chin hairs for decades....just sayin'...they don't go away. Sorry...

Anonymous said...

So glad to read you. And yes, those f * cking chin hairs.

AE Challinor said...

Very happy to see this update :) I miss your blog but I'm glad you're well!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jentine,
this is Kat with the yellow coat. I am writing because I just realized that in about 1,5 months, I will be leaving Hamilton forever, and with it, I will loose the wonderful effects your expertise in fashion has had on my closet for some years now. So I am writing to ask you to write again. At some point, when you feel like it again. I miss your blog. I miss it, even though there are other fashion blogs, and even other vintage fashion blogs. But your blog taught me, and none of the others do that. It made me more aware, of fashion, and of the possibility to dress to show who you are. I want to keep learning, because now fashion is such a big part in my life. Every morning, choosing clothes is a tiny creative exercise, a small decision of who I want to be that day. I know a little about how to do that because of what I already learned from you - like someone who knows how to paint a little because they had a good teacher. But my brush is still so unrefined, I would like to have my teacher back.

Whenever you feel like it.


Anonymous said...

PS: I hope that did not come across as too pushy. Of course I know how little time there is in a day ... :-) I am sorry if it did.

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