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Sunny Day Shopping

Dress? h&m (here) Bag? Longchamp (thrifted, look up the Roseau bag on Ebay if you are looking for one) 
Shoes? Coach Belt? Thrifted

Last weekend I met up with a friend in Toronto for a girlzzzz night out (I hate that expression, ha... and yet I use it) and on the following day, after my friend left, I was planning on walking around the city alone and entertaining myself in Toronto just like I used to do in University. Honestly, it was the most glorious day, the sun was shining, I'm pretty sure some birds were chirping and I don't think I could see a single grumpy person. I wandered into H&M convinced that I was just killing time and 17 minutes later I walked out with this dress which I had bought full price. 
That's when I decided to head straight to the station to catch a bus home. I just bought a dress from the mall for full price; I was clearly in too good of a mood to waste time in Toronto. Back home I spent the rest of the day relaxing in our back yard... safely away from any retail spaces that could take advantage of my good mood:)


Unknown said...

so envious of the longchamps bag that probably cost you less than that dress!

Catherine said...

You make that dress! Must be your strut. ;)

Unknown said...

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Lorena said...

Oh I just bought that dress !!!
But its sooo long on me :(
You wear it beautifully.

Unknown said...

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