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Kimono, Kimono, Kimono


Kimono? Vintage (one on etsy here and modern version here and a sale one here) Dress? Thrifted 
Belt and clutch? Thrifted Necklaces? From all over, similar tassel one on etsy here

That is probably all I remember from My Big Fat Greek Wedding (though I have faint memories of some questionable hair styles?...) but that line pops in my head every time I see a kimono. And as kimonos are having a fashion moment, that little quote is on high rotation through my brain.

I actually found this kimono in the Halloween section of a Salvation Army for a couple of bucks last year. There's a thrift tip for you; the Halloween section can be golden for vintage. It takes some searching because you have to get through 22 naughty polyester cop costumes (synthetics, so naughty...) and 67 Disney princesses before you get to the kimono but I would say it's worth the hunt. 
I guess now that I have a shop, giving out thrift tips is less about blog content and more like sharing some industry secrets. If you feel the need to share this insider tip, please don't use my name, just list me as 'a source'. Isn't that how all truths are discovered? A 'source' on the Internet? 


Unknown said...

I don't know if I can properly express how much I love this outfit! The magical way you style your outfits is always so inspiring!
I think my major lesson from you is that I need way more necklaces! And a kimono would be a good idea too :)

Stella said...

I need to know where you got those them!

em²ile² said...

The boots! Where are the boots from?

Unknown said...

I love this outfit! Wow! And I love Kimonos-that one is beautiful :)

Elle said...

I love kimonos and yours is so fab! I love the colours :)

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

Your writing always makes me giggle, Yen!

I recently picked up a kimono but last night I bought TWO (not one, TWO) different chiffon fabrics to make my own this weekend.... or sometime in the next month.

myedit said...

@emilie and @stella.. the boots are Joe Fresh from 2 years ago:(

Unknown said...

What an amazing kimono and I'm actually really excited about that tip, didn't think to look for cool shit in the halloween section at thrift stores. You look hot, per usual.

Unknown said...

The My Big Fat Greek Wedding reference is CLASSIC! Thank you for posting that! Love your style

Unknown said...

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