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Overalls? Marshalls (very similar darker wash and lighter wash) Clutch? h&m 
Cuffs? c/o unikati & co (here) Boots? Nine West

Overalls have been over all the Internet (see what I did there?) lately and yes, I jumped on the bandwagon. I'm mostly just impressed that I found a pair that was long enough for my torso and didn't give me a wedgie with every step I took. 
Overalls had a moment back when I was elementary school and I had to miss out because I was too tall. Then they had a moment when I was in high school, this time with a tighter fit, a flared leg and a name brand label and I had to miss out because I was too broke. This time, at the ripe age of 30, I can afford and fit into overalls, so my childhood fashion dreams finally came true. Is there potential that a future outfit post will see me with one strap undone in true 90's fashion? Yes, there is, you've been warned. 

And those cuffs? They are from unikati and co. and made of a fascinating (and sobering, to be honest) choice of material. One of the ladies who runs unikati and co is from Hamilton and that original connection is how we got in touch. They kindly gifted me with one of these Cambodian made cuffs and I liked it so much, I then decided to buy another one myself. I got the second cuff to support a great company with a great philosophy. But also because wearing two cuffs makes me feel pretty freaking cool... maybe even like a superhero.

I guess my super power would be jumping on bandwagons in heels.


Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

Aw, good to hear your fashion story knew a happy ending! My mom dressed me up in overalls in the 90s, but this season I think I'll be skipping them. I'm still not entirely over my 90s-style traum haha! xo

Jennifer said...

Looking lovely as always, hun! Happy Friday!

xo Jennifer

Rebecca Jane said...

You look so fab in these that it ALMOST makes me consider overalls. But not quite.

amanda said...

Haha, What Rebecca said. You look fabulous, but I do NOT see myself ever pulling this off ;)

sis said...

dear lord, you make overalls look good. like serious. I've noticed this trend & not been enticed to take part (for fear of re-living my way-too-big 90s overalls) until now. ...we'll see if it actually happens

those cuffs though.. that's something I would most definitely like to make happen - beautiful

Unknown said...

I think you look ridiculously cool in these overalls. They fit you like a dream. So pretty!

sarah said...

insanely cute look. I've also been looking for overalls for a while, but haven't found the right ones yet. Perhaps a trip to Marshals is in order...

Gwen said...

You look too cool! I was wearing overalls the first time I met my husband (and he was wearing a suit!) so I for one am thrilled they are coming back in style!

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