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Top? c/o Jacob (here on sale) Shorts? Very old AE Bag and sunglasses? Thrifted 
Sandals? c/o Fibi and Clo (here) Earrings? Bebe Bracelets? Vintage and thrifted

I've been struggling to write again lately. Ugh. Again... Which is irritating because I can usually write about nothing or anything. 
These last few weeks have been rough for various reasons, certainly not just for me, but for many in the community as well. I don't always write about the weighty stuff, sometimes because it can be easier to carry on and deal without lingering on the negativity but mostly because it often isn't my story to tell. So I write about fluffy stuff, like how I tell my nieces that these earrings are actually dinner plates and how they do me a favour and laugh, every time. Or I just stare at the computer screen, type two sentences, delete them and continue to stare until I type two more sentences that I can also delete half an hour later.  
It's just that after every fashion post I publish, I've been mentally adding a giant asterisk.

*It's just fashion.

I love fashion an absurd amount and it brings me great joy. But I am well aware that it's the cherry on top, and there are many things that matter so much more. Fashion and blogging are an escape for me but the fact that I have the resources and the possibility to even blog about fashion, cats and about my dinner plate earrings, is a huge blessing. 
I don't think it's a bad thing to enjoy fashion at all. But it's also OK to acknowledge that fashion is a footnote in my life. Maybe a footnote that takes up a lot of the page, but a footnote nonetheless...


Haley @ Cheap Recipe Blog said...

Well keep it coming :) I always enjoy reading your posts and looking at your fabulous clothes!

Sweetened Style said...

Peplum and shorts? That's fabulous.

Anna Demko said...

Lovely summer outfit!

Ladies in Navy said...

great peplum blouse!
kw ladies in navy

Anna said...

Beautifully said. I feel much the same way about food blogging - what an incredible blessing that we have so much and can spend so much time enjoying it. Love the dinner plate earrings!

Lovaniez said...

LOVE the shorts idea; short trend in the front with the 1 flip, and just enough coverage in the back. Love it. Thanks for writing about all of our side biz of *fashion*

Anonymous said...

Love you, Jen. What a lovely post! The fact that you have this perspective on fashion and your joy in it is what makes you so very credible and I love that about you. Keep it. I have no doubt that you can carry on in this vein into eternity! Mrs. H.

MisisD said...

I love the outfit. I love the perspective. Beautiful inside and out.

Jennifer said...

I'm going through something similar; I feel you!

xo Jennifer

Secondhand Stella said...

Um, that bag is amazing. Super jealous.

Anonymous said...

Truth! It's kind of mmm let's say annoying when people judge us based just on our blog, or think that's all we have to offer, I agree is just fashion and we do it for fun, and I'm with you we should appreciate it and be thankful. In other things, adore that peplum top!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Life etc... said...

Love this. I've been having similar thoughts and wrote a post about this recently too. I also like my blog to be mainly a happy place :)

Leah said...

The pain from your community is widespread and will probably sting for quite some time.
I think it's important to still allow yourself to enjoy life and not feel guilty for things like fashion. Keep doing your thing girl!

Unknown said...

Hope that everything gets better soon! I certainly do love your posts.

Also, that shirt and those sunglasses are pretty amazing!

Have a fantastic week!


Anonymous said...

I read your blog because your style and writing make me smile. And I read it because you are an authentic person; rest assured it comes through.


amanda said...

I keep up with your blog not only because you are stylish and funny, but because you are *real* on here. I like that you keep it on topic, and I like that you acknowledge that clothes aren't the be all and end all and that life is not all sunshine and lollipops all the time. I do not like hearing that nice people are having a rough time, though :(
I just remembered where you live and I cannot imagine what your community is going through. They have been in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

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