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Thrift Regret


Check this blazer.
It's navy. It's 100% wool. It's Ralph Lauren. It fits perfectly. It's $12.99.
And I left it behind.
I can tell you the exact reasons why I didn't buy it.
First of all, I had given myself a budget. I was really hoping to actually stick to it and between a floral silk blazer (what up!) and a blazer I found for a friend who I am giving a thrift wardrobe make-over to (be excited for that... I'll blog it), I was getting close to the max. Secondly, I already have two wool Ralph Lauren blazers and I have a really similar jacket in red as well. I need to watch out because I seem to be on a mission to collect all the blazers in the whole wide world... of thrifting.
And so, I left the jacket behind.
And I'll get over it, but I'm not going to lie, right now I'm kinda regretting leaving it behind. I could wear it with boyfriend jeans. I could wear it with my green dress slacks. I could wear it with a red pencil skirt.... Maybe it'll still be there next time and then I know it was meant to be. Probably not though. That's the thing with the thrift store, you gotta get it or it's gone...
What's your greatest thrift store regret? What have you left behind?


Sarah said...

Great post! Know the feeling well. Should have bought this one dress in Toronto years ago...

MisisD said...

Arrrgh!! That one is gorgeous! Get it and send it to me.:) You should have that business! I got 2 blazers last weekend that I'm so excited about! I want a Ralph Lauren blazer!

ParisGrrl said...

I found the wedding dress of my dreams in a resale shop, and left to think about it because it was one size too small. When I went back it was gone, and I had a television-worthy meltdown before I realized that that just meant it would serve as the inspiration for the dress I ended up making myself. That all worked out fine, but I still recall the feeling when the original dress got away, and hope never to feel like that again.

Jennifer said...

I hate thrift regret! I found such a cute fur stole, but the next day everything was 50% off. I thought it would be there when I went back to get it. Nope. All to save $5. Dumb.

xo Jennifer

Anonymous said...

On my very first ever trip to Talize a few weeks ago I left behind a Ralph Lauren red military blazer, it was only $9.99. I think about it almost every day :( There are just so many things in my closet that I don't wear and didn't want yet another item taking up space, but I regret it.
Maybe I should go back and see if it's still there.....

Willowie said...

Thrift regret happens to me every time! You look great in it, but I'm sure leaving it behind makes room for better and more amazing pieces.

Jessica said...

Two things:

1) a white silk polka dot dress from Talize which you later posted on your blog after buying! (I commented on it before)

2)This is somewhat the opposite of what you are asking for: I saw a really great floral Laura Ashley dress for $9.99 at Valu Village. It had boning, built in crinoline, crazy bows, beautiful shape, basically 80's perfection. I walked away but kept thinking about it all night. So the next morning on my way to work, I popped in and bought it without trying it on. Turns out is is amazing and flattering but also about 2 sizes too small. It continues to hang in my closet, taunting my about how I can't quite squeeze into it!

april deann said...

Calvin Klein black jersey button-down sleeveless dress (whew!) for $12.99 at Goodwill. It felt perfectly...was FLAWLESS! Only issue was that it was a little too long (just below the knee). Normally, I would buy it anyway and hold onto it until I can make it to grandma's to hem it (over an hour away), but I had a whole pile of 'grandma's house' items and always seemed to forget them at home when I went to visit. During a fleeting moment of restraint, I left it behind. *tear*

Jenn said...

Too many things to count. I keep telling myself if I have to agonize over whether to get it or not, just buy it. I'm not very good at listening to myself.


ThriftyParka said...

I left behind a pair of fabulous, white leather, over-the-knee boots with an open lattice-work design. These boots were in excellent condition, but they were outside ofmy comfort zone. I wish I had bought them.

Unknown said...

I try to console myself by thinking that those regrets are someone else's treasures. This keeps me from buying things that juuuust don't quite fit or things that are SUCH a good deal but not my style at all.

Probably creeps out the old ladies in my Goodwill that I'm always looking wistfully at the things I put back on the dressing room rack and whispering "you're someone else's treasure..." at them.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for this post! I have some terrible, terrible regrets that years later I still try to comfort myself about. I made a list of them, along with a list of things I did buy, but should have left behind. I can't say this made me feel any better- I just had two columns of mistakes listed out! Argh.

Danielle Todd said...

I left behind a black Tahari dress a few weeks ago because I have so many black dresses already. I went back for it a few days later, but of course, it was gone.

Anonymous said...

I left behind a gorgeous cropped blazer by Tocca - lined with 100% silk! I didn't have anything it would work with, and I try not to buy items that require 5 other new items to make an outfit. But it fit perfectly and was so nice :(.

Anonymous said...

I saw one of the thrift shop workers bringing out the most plush, winter white sweater coat, and I was trying to politely let her hang it on the rack before I pounced on it, but a little old lady accosted her half-way to the rack and nabbed the sweater coat. I kept stalking the poor lady as discreetly as a person with hungry desire could, hoping she'd put it down, but she must have sensed bloodthirstiness and didn't stay much longer to browse and walked up to the register to purchase it. Darn it! Beat out by a senior citizen with more gumption than me!

Unknown said...

Great look as usual stunning

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Nina Piccini said...

Oh I know the feeling of the budget! I keep scalling mine down regretfully. I think the only thing saving me is the fact that spring is full of a whole wardrobe of clothes i haven't seen in months.. :)

can't wait to see the thrift makeover!
xo, Nina

Anonymous said...

I do that all the time! Staying within a set budget can be difficult when the prices are so awesome you feel like it would be crazy to let something go. I figure, if the item is still there when I go back and I still feel like I must have it, I get it. Usually when I go back, they are having a sale and the must have is even cheaper. ;)

Looking forward to your thrift makeover!!!


LTHL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LTHL said...

Ah, happened to me too. I wanted to buy this crochet top at SA but it wasn't on sale. So I left it behind so I can buy sunglasses at the mall.

Ally @ Fever Thrift said...

I just wrote about this because I had the same thing happen!

One time I left a shirt behind and I stayed up all night thinking about it and then woke up first thing the next day and drove back to the thrift store (30 min away) to see if it was still there...I searched for a while and when I had given up hope, I ended up finding it in a dressing room :) Crisis averted.


Anonymous said...

I think we need to invent a word for this phenomenon - "thriftgret"? I've had it one too many times as well...

Anna Demko said...

I feel like. I may be the exception. I don't have many regrets - I buy it all. Plus our SA store isn't that great. It's hard to find something really good. Once in a great while

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