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Getting Back in the Game


Vest? Ungaro, thrifted Skirt? Thrifted Necklaces? Banana Republic and Clyde's Rebirth

Lately I haven't thrifted or written about thrifting as voraciously as I have in the past. It would be easiest to say that I've been busy. But deep down, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that my dad and I don't thrift together anymore. It's not that I don't enjoy thrifting as a solo sport, and even in the last few months before the recent downturn in his health, our joint thrift adventures had become just 20 minute jaunts but for the past 6 weeks, the thrifting with my dad has stopped completely.
In the big picture of all we have lost to Alzheimer's, thrifting is almost insignificant. But for me, that activity was a thread that connected myself and my father and I am sad for the loss of it. I'm always going to enjoy the hunt in the thrift store but I've been on almost weekly thrift trips with my dad for the better part of 4 years and it's an adjustment to a new normal.

This week, I made it back to the thrift store... by myself.
And I bought an Ungaro vest for $5 that made me smile.
I liked it for my usual reasons... it is made of delicious silk and it is impeccably constructed... but I also liked it because it is weird. Weird is good. There is something charming about the ancient pottery illustrations and I can't get over the fact that the shadows of the vases (which look like they were shaded in with a pencil) were included in the fabric design. It's the random finds like this that remind me how much fun the thrift store is... even when I miss my partner in thrift.



Tinacious Me said...

the vest is too cute! great styling!

Please may I? said...

Alzheimer's is such a horrid cruel thing. I am sorry to hear your father has gotten worse.

At least through your thrifting you can pull those happy memories to the forefront of you mind.

Beautiful top.

X x

Dawn said...

Sorry to hear your Dad is not doing well. If you ever need company thrifting please email me. I live in Hamilton!!

Mihaela said...

It's a wonderful find! I'm looking forward to the day when such a find will get a jump for joy again. :)

Secondhand Stella said...

Aw, I am sorry that you and your dad haven't been able to go together :(

On a lighter note, that is one great find!

Leah said...

Sad to hear about your dad, but keep up the thrifting and remember him while doing it! Savour the days you still have with him, he will always be your partner in thrift.

Natasha Fatah said...

Oh gosh, the necklace is fantastic!

~Natasha Fatah~
~Natasha Fatah~

ROR said...

I stopped by for inspiration because my wardrobe needs a lift. Hang in there girl. Sending prayers your way!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about your dad. I can only imagine how hard this must be for you.

This silk vest is just beautiful!


Unknown said...

I can only imagine how hard it must be to go back to the thrift store with out your father! Hang in there.

Thats a beautiful silk vest and the shadows actually make the pots look 3D types!!

Unknown said...

{{Hugs}} Jentine! Interesting vest. Interesting. :-) The vase almost looks like it is in front of the vest rather than on it.
Rose B.

Unknown said...

{{Hugs}} Jentine! Interesting vest. Interesting. :-) The vase almost looks like it is in front of the vest rather than on it.
Rose B.

Anonymous said...

The pottery looks like it is 3D; now I get why. It's the shading that does it. And the fluidity of the silk. Beautiful piece,Jen, and I hope I get to see you wear it. Pretty please?? Mrs. H

Unknown said...

Such a stunning outfit!

Jennifer said...

It's nice that you have such a sweet memory with your dad. Hopefully you'll be able to continue thrifting and it will be more joyful as you remember those times, instead of sad. My mom's dad has Alzheimer's too so I know it's really hard to deal with.

xo Jennifer

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry that thrifting hasn't been as fun for you without your partner in crime.

I'm glad that this vest made it a little more bearable.

My thoughts are still with you and your family.


Vang said...

I like weird too. I think weird is good. It's what makes me smile. And I'm glad to hear that you found the courage to go back to the thrift store on your own. Sending good thoughts your way.

Unknown said...

I like your blog!!!
The necklace is fantastic!

Lindsey A. Turner said...

love your find! that necklace is amazing too!


compradora anonima said...

great find

Klamanator said...

Very late to the party here but i totally get the "missing a small thing" part of grieving during an illness. Yeah, okay, it's not earth-shattering that you can't go shopping but it was *your* thing. Your special time together, your outing. When my grandmother was getting worse and falling prey to whatever had her in its grips, I was really sad we couldn't play "racko" this retro game she used to have at her house in the summer. Of course, her illness was so much more than that but that doesn't mean those moments weren't important. You have every right to miss and mourn that.

What you *don't* have the right to do is leave that vest behind. It's gorgeous, Yen. Great find.