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Shirt? Gap
Red cords? Joe Fresh
Heels? Zara
Blazer? Braemar, thrifted
Bracelets? Crazy lady at The Ex
Sunglasses? Thrifted

This morning I was feeling optimistic. I took a shower.

Good news! That is not where I end my post, there is more to share...

I took a shower and shaved the bottom 10 cm. of my legs. And then I wore little heels and a slightly cropped pant and I exposed my ankle for the first time in many months.

It's not that I don't like winter. I can appreciate every season for both the good and the bad that they bring. But in the winter, what I miss most, is the chance to show some leg... even just a tiny slice of ankle. Boots are great, tights are ok and socks are cosy but bare legs are the best. I laugh at magazine editorials that trot out the biggest coats of the season and pair them with some micro shorts and high heels. I can do crazy once in a while, but I don't do frostbite. So I took advantage of this one day of sunshine and temperatures over the freezing mark and released the lady lumps (the ankles for everyone besides Fergie) to the outside world. Tomorrow it's going to be cold and I shall be back in boots but today...? Today was glorious.


And I was ridiculously proud of these sunglasses I thrifted this last week. They are in great condition, don't slide down my face, don't indent my cheeks and are pretty cute. But now, when I see these pictures... all I can think of is Terry Richardson. I don't know if my blog is a place to discuss the unsettling fact that many in the fashion industry have chosen to idolize that man... but he has certainly ruined this pair of sunglasses for me.


Unknown said...

I love your use of condiment inspired colours!
I'm also insanely jealous that you were able to expose your lady lumps!!

Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

Anonymous said...

Your colors are fantastic! I'm going to need to steal some of this. Like maybe all of it.

Linda said...
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Linda said...

Wrists and ankles? You are showin' a lot of skin, missy. I thought this was a PG operation. Alas, I like it with the skin, I just can't look away. You look too good.
The Auspicious Life

Jessica Marie said...

Those sunnies are fabulous! Actually, the whole outfit is quite fab. I love the bold color mix!

. said...

Ok it's PERFECT, for realzies, but what I really want to know is if your mantographer had to make love to the ice in order to get that ankle shot. It's super down low and I like it.

TrophyBoutique said...

You and Monketface both rocked the condiments today and you both look fantastic. The perfect outfit for the first hints of spring...

sartoriography said...

These colors + these proportions + these fantastic shoes=outfit envy. Love it!

Rebecca said...

i was literally reading your thrifting tips as i was walking through DI the other day. it's all thanks to you i had the successes i did.

and i love your mustard yellow top. gorgeous!


Dylana Suarez said...

I need red pants!


Lexie said...

I am LOVING those sunglasses. Oof, I would own oodles of them if I could justify it somehow.

From Suns To Moons said...

I am well aware of your deep-rooted love for Hamilton, but if you'd like to reveal your lady lumps more often, you need to consider a change of coast. Vancouver is waiting. I live 2 blocks from the beach and I could take your pics whenever. Like a good neighbor.

The Semi Sweet said...

You are look tres chic!! I love the red ankle pants with the pretty leopard heels.

As for the sunglasses, I had to google Terry Richardson to understand your comparison, and oh my God!!! I have the gross chills going on right now.

Kate said...

Admit it, you were totally influenced my Old Navy's super irritating commercials... Welcome to the ankle show! I admire your optimism, am jealous of your mild temps and of your shoes, and am amused by your only shaving the necessary amount of leg. You, m'dear, are hilarious.

jenn from midlife modern said...

Girl, you are FUN-ny! And that is some kind of outfit. I absolutely love it. If I was more of a badass (with thin legs) I too would rock the red pants.

Christen said...

Oh no, I love the sunglasses! You have to keep wearing them. And the color palette of this ensemble is spectacular. I know what you mean about showing some skin. For me it's my shoulders. I love wearing sleeveless tops and all this covering up is beginning to be a bit of a downer. Thankfully, I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...

GoodFrameofMind said...

I love the colors for the first peak of sun and spring heading our way! The shades rock.

Elena said...

Oh my---LOVE the gold and red together (and those ruffles!). I want to get some cropped pants (okay,normal pants for us tall folks) and heels together ASAP.

Secondhand Stella said...

Oh no... I love the sunglasses! Keep wearing them.

I love the bright colors of your outfit. I really need to get out of my all black rut.

Santina said...

Love the unexpected combination of colors. Seriously, who can pull of red cords like this? YOU!!

It's funny to read all this bare leg talk. I actually found myself happy to throw on some tights this past weekend while I was back in the States on a visa run. After so many months of barely getting dressed, it felt good to throw on layer after layer. Don't get me wrong; I think it was much more tolerable because I knew it was only for three days...and when I returned, I was so happy to be back in the sun!

Bre said...

I have an outfit that I have been waiting to wear when it gets above freezing that includes a little ankle exposure. I also don't do frostbite which means I have to keep waiting.
You look great and those sunglasses are pretty cool.

Elaine said...

I LOVE the sunglasses!

The Suburb Experiment said...

The fashion/movie/music/sports industry doesn't care if you're a jerky, abusive perv if you make them money. (ie, Terry Richardson, Charlie Sheen, Roman Polanski, etc). Sad.

But those glasses? They look fantastic on you. And when I saw the picture I didn't associate you with a pervy photographer. So. . . yay? No seriously, reclaim those bad boys - they are all kinds of AWESOME.


Artfully Awear said...

Love the primary color combo. Here's to bare legs!

The Purse-a-holic said...

Very pretty outfit, love it! The color and the style of that top is to die for. I want a pair of leopard ballet flats :-(

Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

Jessie @ Style and Pepper said...

i literally JUST hopped out of the shower and shaved (the bottom half) of my own legs for the first time in wayyyy too long.

might i also say that your "lady lumps" are looking fab. ;)

Sheila said...

I guess I got the memo for red pants today (post will be up later)! You look awesome, Jentine!

So happy to see you doing some leopard - did you know that it's "Leopard Week"? I wore "our" shoes yesterday and thought of you. If you'd like to be a participant (nothing other than wearing leopard until Friday is required), I will add a link to your blog. Drop me a comment and let me know. :)


megannielsen said...

The first thing I noticed is those amazing sunnies! I can't believe you thrifted those!!! yay for you!!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I love how you added a pattern with those shoes! Very chic look!

Rose said...

Uh-uh. No, no, no. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT let that pervy little poseur ruin ANYTHING for you, ever*. Especially not those delicious glasses! As a prescription lenses only girl, you can rest assured that I am eating my heart out over those amazing frames. Yow! Uncle Terry can only dream.

*Except maybe tampons. I can appreciate that you might not be able to bounce back from that level of creep.

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

I love the colours here. And those sunnies are great - wear them with pride.

Love that you were brave enough for exposing a bit of leg. Personally I am a boots girl and therefore happiest when I have my legs covered but this look is making me rethink.

Anjela said...

haha! Love those glasses; they look awesome on you...I didn't make the Terry Richardson association until you brought it up, but in any case they're just a great thrift buy!
Love the WHOLE outfit...need to find me some red pants!

Patricia Flores said...

Damn you're right about that guy. He gives me the heebie jeevies too.

Allison said...

Today was my first day wearing ballet flats too (without hosiery!) How exciting! And you look awesome as usual.

lb said...

i'm pretty much a blog lurker, but i'm forced to emerge from the shadows for one reason: the sunnies are amazing and not at all terry richardson-esque. you must keep them! ...and if they really are ruined for you, i'll gladly take 'em off your hands ;)

Anonymous said...

This outfit is all kinds of perfect.

Tabitha said...

I loved how you shaved the bottom 10 cm of your legs - it's so true though. If I'm only exposing a certain part of my leg why spend the time to shave the entire thing. :)

LOVE this entire outfit and great score with those sunglasses.

Rock'n'Roll Betty said...

i have to admit that i'm not even a big animal print fan, but pairing these shoes with those red pants... fabulous!!


Sidewalk Chic said...

This outfit is glorious, Yen! I love the bright colors you used.

And forgive my absence on commenting on your blog --- I have been catching up on my dashboard this week and holy cow, your last couple posts have been awesome. Like they all reiterate why I come here for the sartorial inspiration and witty writing. Congrats on the blog anniversary, my friend. Yours is one of my favorite voices on the Internet.

Kelly said...

I am increasingly certain that I need colorful pants. You look springishly bright and cheerful and not remotely Richardson-esque.

Katie Dodd said...

these colors together are fantastic!

April said...

gorgeous color combo!

Brooke Brown said...

lovelove love this color combo! primary colors, but classy.

joelle van dyne said...

hahah i feel like i should congratulate you on 1. your shower, and 2. those amazing new sunglasses. i also am obsessed with this outfit because it is so wonderfully colorful. ~joelle

Beth of B. Jones Style said...

I just discovered you and your beautiful blog via an interview you did with "Yes and Yes". Thanks so much for mentioning me as an inspiration, and so happy to have found you. I will be adding your to my style icons list on B. Jones Style.

modanista junkie said...

Found your blog through beth, and loving it as well!! I absolutely love the yellow and red combo. YOu look fantastic!!


Unknown said...

If I promise to snap pretty, professional photos of you, can we be bff's next week? Good, I was hoping you'd say yes.


What you thought that was ALL I was gonna say? I can't believe I haven't commented in MONTHS. WTF kind of blogging buddy, sequin standoff friend AM I?! A distracted one I tell you. Luckily for you, life is becoming manageable again which means you can expect more unbelievably witty, incredibly insightful and mind blowingly flattering comments from me. Stop dancing around, you're going to spill your bag of chips and diet coke.

Ps.. those glasses are sooo Terry. I'll wear them and use a too bright flash while I take your provocative near nakid photos in TX.

Martine said...

I just love this outfit. From the colors to the leopard print, everything about it is just so well put together. You look très chic!

Martine :)

Veronika Novotny said...

Colour combos are so, so gorg! Glasses freakin' hot AND thank you for the photo compliments. I just might try shooting at home again, especially since Vancouver likes it's rain. Happy Friday, hun. xx veronika

Ana said...

I LOVE this outfit. I'm definitely a sucker on outfits that play with a lot of color, especially primaries! You definitely know how to rock a blazer :o)

Elizabeth said...

This color combination is GORGEOUS. And I love love love these shoes.

my healthy twist said...

HAHA, I always love reading your posts, you're funny! I LOVE the mustard/red/navy combo, so pretty! XOXO,

Raquelita said...

What?!?! No frostbite couture for you?!?! The other burning question is why does everyone seem to have awesome red cords but me?!?

Morgan//Nuts and Bows said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE this look the colors are like music/art to my ears/eyes.....if that remotely makes sense!!

Meet Virginia Design
Check out my awesome Ande Monster Giveaway mmmk!!

Bekah McDuffie said...

i'm freakin OBSESSED with this outfit.
just added it to my mental "to recreate" list.
you're awesome

Ashley @ Downsizing said...

Gorgeous outfit! I love the colors and leopard print shoes are always good :)

Ashley @

WendyB said...

Adding you to my next red legs post!

C said...

Yen, this outfit is bananas. Yup, I said it. B-a-n-a-n-a-s.

The colors are just fantastically wonderful, and the sunglasses? TOO EFFING GOOD.

Caro said...

I love how chic this outfit is. And good find on the sunglasses!

Michelle's Style File said...

Love this look!
New follower : )


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