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Another Day, Another Way






Leather skirt? Thrifted
Tights? Betsey Johnson, Winners
Clutch? Thrifted
Taken from an old dress and worn backwards
Shoes? French Connection warehouse sale

Yesterday I was being a needy person and text whining (not wine texting Ke$ha!) to a friend about my woes. She gently told me to get a grip. And then to make me smile, she told me that she was wearing a rather 80's inspired sweatshirt and her husband was currently dancing around to Maniac in homage to the sweater. Today, in return I brightened her day by telling her of my disastrous morning... I woke up at 6:13 a.m. instead or 6:03 a.m., spilled my smoothie twice, punched in late to work by 1 freaking minute and then raked myself across the face... Not sure how I did that last one but it's a true story. Laughter and Tylenol 3's are the best medicine and I hope everyone has a friend with a dancing husband or rake difficulties...

I also hope everyone spent some time this weekend putting holes in the side seams of their capes. I am clearly still riding high on the genius of this little trick. I just wore the cape in a more casual way with layers and denim and now I am getting all fancy on you with high heels and patterned tights. What's next for The Adventures of Jentine and the Amazing Cape? Challenge me!!!



Shannon said...

Love the outfit! And as for the challenge...well, you could always join the Justice League! Though you wouldn't be able to join the Incredibles family, since I'm pretty sure Edna Mode has a strict no-capes policy. (If you haven't seen The Incredibles, just ignore everything I just said. Then watch the movie.)

Linda W said...

I was impressed with the creativity before but I like it even more this time. Maybe I'll be inspired to make a sweatshirt with slots for a belt. Maybe I'll just put holes in all my tops. Because you make it look so good!

The Auspicious Life

Morgan and Lua said...

I challenge you to wear this cape as pants.
Ok perhaps not.
I challenge to wear this cape to the sauna.
No. Too dangerous.
I challenge you to wear this cape in the most fashionable granny-esque way possible.
Yes. That's it.

Bad days are no bueno, but I'm glad you have some friends that share your sense of humor. A ridiculous out of left field comment always seems to cheer me up too.

eleanor said...

I love the cape both ways but this outfit is too amazing. I love the pop of red in the clutch, too.


Nadine said...

The tights! So good!

I was wearing an Off-White Explosion on Friday and I FORGOT to take a photo! :(

I challenge you to (what else?) an Off-White Explosion Cape Ensemble.

Anja said...

OMG, I loveeee the outfit! So brilliant!

keep on going just like this!!

The Semi Sweet said...

Great outfit!! That cape is pretty spectacular, as well as those tights! And I'm sorry to hear about you getting raked on the face! That would probably happen to me too:)

Anonymous said...

Those tights are great! Betsey Johnson always has the best ones! I love the leather skirt too.

Secondhand Stella said...

Ouch, raking your face must hurt. Not fun.

Love this outfit!!!

Linda said...

Ha! True story.

I don't have a cape, but when I do can your mom put a hole in it for me please? I'll pay her in smiles and perhaps cheese...but mostly smiles.
That leather skirt is so hot that I feel the need to look away, like I'm looking at your weird or something.

cuppycakeme said...

LOVE the tights! Sorry your day was sucky....

The Purse-a-holic said...

Very cute combo. Love the clutch!

Jodi said...

Great pics and outfit.. watch those killer rakes.. they lash out unexpectantly!! you are too funny!!

Raquelita said...

Zoinks! A rake to the face!?!?

Those tights are hot!

FutureLint said...

The belt almost looks like it's part of the skirt which would really be an insane trick for the cape! Hope you have a better day today!

Unknown said...

I love how you echoed the color of the cape with the shoes and the rest is all black - and then added pattern with the tights! Such a great, great look!

Small Time Style

Stella said...

Hrrrrm. I kind of really want to see how you rock it with a long dress/gown/skirt and heels. Or ankle boots. And maybe instead of a belt perse, a chain? Ok, I'm rambling. I'll blame it on hunger. Sorry.

That cape and those tights are amazing. I like the shoes too, but tragically, I'm on a (mostly) flats-only shoe diet. :/ So I'm blocking them out! La, la, la what shoes?

Sara said...

Ooooo I really really love those tights! I'm obsessed with patterned tights these days!

Everyone has one of "those days" every once in a while :) If its not one thing, its another!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, daily disasters. They keep us human, no?

Those might be the sexiest tights I've ever seen.

Sorcha said...

I love how the shoes and the cape go together so perfectly!

Here's to a better day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

This whole outfit is so freaking cool. I love the leather skirt paired with the belted cape, and those tights are spectacular. You look great!

my healthy twist said...

I LOVE this outfit, so pretty! XOXO,

Kellie said...

This outfit is seriously to die for, you look fabulous.
Second Star

T said...

A raked face does not sound good. By Tylenol 3 does.

sartoriography said...

YEOW, woman! You look bloody fantastic! Those tights make that an ACTUAL super cape- super HOT! :) I did not in fact put side holes in my cape, as I haven't got a cape, but if I had one I would've. Alas. This reminds me of a quotation from "In Bruge" that involved Colin Farrell being actually funny, which he's generally not at all. Alas again.

Anyway, yes, you look amazing and I love that rigged cape. I wants one. And if you're looking for a challenge...make that cape look bad. I mean, straight-up terrible. I'm not sure you have it in you, face raker.

Please note: CAPS=italics, not yelling, because there are no italics in comments. It's like no crying in baseball.

Hope said...

I like how you styled the cape, and I really admire how you put some of your outfits together. Definitely inspiring to me. :)

Now, how in the world did you rake yourself accross the face?? OW!!! No more rakes for you lady. Make the cats rake, they probably don't earn their keep anyway.

megannielsen said...

Those tights are super cute! But I guess that doesn't make up for your hard morning eh? At least you look adorable when you accidently raked yourself!! poor thing!

Kate said...

I was in Winners yesterday with those very tights in my hand, and I put them back telling myself not to spend money, but now I think you've confirmed that they belong in my life. They look SO CUTE. On you. Maybe they won't look as cute on me, but either way, this makes me want 'em! Sorry to hear about your raked face - that sounds awful & painful. I do love the idea of you organizing your fridge by sodium content though. Your posts are by far the most entertaining reads out there.

Kate said...

Oops, I combined my comments for your latest two posts my mistake. The fridge organization comment belongs in the other one, I realize, but uh, oh well.

Farm Girl Fashionista said...

I love those tights with those shoes!! I just purchased similar colored shoes and would never have thought to wear them like this...THANK YOU!!

Katie | said...

The hint of leather skirt peaking out from under that gorgeous sweater is just lovely!

Erin said...

Love the outfit, especially the tights! ME WANT!

I had a similar day, every day last week. Woe is us. Fingers crossed for this week!

Eyeliah said...

what a day!

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