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Horse and Pony Show






Pants? Ralph Lauren, Winners
Boots? Stuart Weitzman, Winners
Blouse? Tahari, Winners
Beaded Vest? vintage, borrowed from The Last Hurrah on etsy
Beret? h&m, old
Jacket? Michael Kors, Winners
Horse-print clutch? thrifted
Gloves? ?, Winners

Yes, one of the reasons I started this blog was as a fashion outlet because my city, Hamilton, is not exactly a style mecca. But there are people who dress well and love clothes that live here. In fact, I left a pair of amazing brown brogues on the clearance rack at Winners because I was sure they would stick around and go cheaper. They're gone... Who are you, brogue loving Hamiltonian, who stole my shoes? Reveal yourself...
Further proof of a Fashionable Hamilton lay in the girlfriend of one of my co-workers. He told me that his girlfriend and sister had an etsy shop full of vintage treasure. It's one thing to like clothing but it's another to like vintage. Besides from being unique, the best thing about vintage is the story behind the clothes. That's why I love that they called their etsy shop The Last Hurrah because when you buy vintage, it's your chance to write a chapter in the story of that dress or skirt. Ok, the whole 'write a chapter in the story' line... I can't decide if it's literary genius or horribly cheesy, but nonetheless, the point is clear, I love me some vintage... I was pumped to borrow this sparkly vest from the lovely Hamilton (!) sisters who run The Last Hurrah. It weighs a ton, so I'm looking fabulous and working my chest muscles (pecs?).
When I got the vest, my first instinct was to style it with a pair of broken in jeans and some pumps. Because it always works... Anything Christmas party worthy can be toned down and made everyday, with a little denim. I wanted to try something different, and while it all came out a little equestrian, I love it! And because the look was heading to horse show chic, I thought I might as well wear my newly thrifted horse-print clutch too. I LOVED horses as a child, so the clutch makes me feel a little nostalgic. Yup, I loved horses so much that my Oma would clip out any articles out of the dutch newspaper that had horse pictures on them and send them to me. And when we would sing Psalms at out elementary school (I went to a private Christian school), I would always choose the ones with the word 'horse' in it. So crazy...and then, a few years later, I discovered clothes and now here we are. No horse but a horse clutch.



The Village Idiot said...

love the look!!

Tabitha said...

This outfit is fantastic! I love the equestrian look and have been trying to figure out a way to make it work for my body shape. You look fabulous and I love all the little details to this outfit.

Anonymous said...

I adore every element of this outfit, and can imagine every piece being fabulously versatile. OK, maybe a sequin vest isn't exactly "versatile" ... but everything else is!

Julia said...

I LOVE equestrian inspired outfits. This is amazing -- that clutch is too great. I also loved horses as a girl, but I fortunately I was very bad at riding them, otherwise I'd have begged my father for a horse until he got me one. Just not where my talent resided, as it were. Ah well. You are the epitome of chic in this -- how do you do it? I always look like an unkempt mess. Even when I do my hair!

Anonymous said...

I love the cropped vest styled with that bow blouse and those skinny trousers. You look so lovely!

And I love your horse story - that bag is perfect for you (and is pretty awesome).

Diane said...

adorable look! i love all the bows. especially the gloves!

Nadine said...

Lovely as always - you are SO stylish! And I really appreciate all your different backgrounds for your style-shoots - they're making me fantasise about visiting beautiful Hamilton-in-Canada (as opposed to ACTUAL Hamilton, here in New Zealand). Plus, since it is hot humid summer here, those snowfall pictures look so appealing . .

Diane @ Haute Flashion said...

Horses are SO expensive, so if you had a horse there would be a lot less money with which to go shopping!

You look amazing by the way. I practically collect vests and am a sucker for anything sparkly, so I am lusting after this one.

These pictures are bigger. Were you able to get it figured out?

Elaine said...

I'm LOVING the beaded vest and the clutch! That's great you were able to find fellow vintage lovers in Hamilton!

amanda said...

very equestrian chic!

Marie said...

Love that you paired that clutch with the pants and boots- perfect!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Kristin said...

I love all of the little details of this outfit! Your story regarding the brogues was too funny! I hate when things like that happen!

Question...what is Winners? We don't have it around here!

Secondhand Stella said...

I want that clutch!!!!!

Fabulocity in Amish Country said...

Oooooooo.. this is sooooo amazing!!! I love the riding inspired look!! :) You look fabulous in this!

GFS said...

I am so obsessed with the equestrian's so chic and very Bianca Jagger!

Unknown said...

Love how you've picked up the colour accent in the vest with the horse clutch.

Christen said...

That vest and the bow on the shirt are completely fabulous. And I think "The Last Hurrah" is a fabulous name for a vintage shop!

K said...

I'm not sure what I love more, the gloves or the clutch!

megara said...

stunning. love every piece of this outfit. you wear the cold weather well!

Sidewalk Chic said...

I love how this turned out. You look like a modern Betty Draper of Mad Men, Season 2 in her equestrian storyline. Ok, that was really specific but still you look lovely. Love the vest paired with that bow top.

And I like the idea of 'the last hurrah' of clothes -- it's true, you are adding your name to a long history. :)

- JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

Kendi Lea said...

I've had that same problem. You think you can wait a sale out, and someone comes and steals your glory. I always like to stash pieces elsewhere in the store to come back and find it. i'm pretty sure retail workers hate people like me.

You look so precious here. That blouse is to die for and I love this whole look!

E said...

Another horse lover! I actually have a little horse and he has been sick lately :-( I love the equestrian inspired look though. I noticed it immediately before I read the rest of the post!

liz said...

I just checked them out, and I can totally see you in the Cream Beaded SPARKLE Cardigan!

Megan Wolf said...

woah girl, this look is fantastic! can't decide what I love the most/what to comment on first. killer boots, amazing little clutch, adorable gloves with the bows, and cutest slouchy hat! I am in awe of how you have paired all of these pieces together with that crazy cool vest and how well you are pulling it off. liking the curly hair as well. and jealous of your gorgeous snowy backdrop. these are some very pretty photos of you! I will have to check out that etsy shop stat. love me some good vintage. and I believe that line is all its cracked up to be. we are each completely adding a new chapter to the story of an already interesting and worn piece. love it.


Rachel H said...

could this outfit be anymore awesome?!!! love everything about it.

Christina said...

I love this equestrian look, and as a representative of your town, you make it seem very fashionable.

Danielle said...

I love this! those pants are fantastic!!!!!

Jo said...

Great blouse!

I know what you mean about your city not being a style mecca. Where I live (in Alberta) ain't great for fashiony-types either.

Eyeliah said...

One of my fav etsy stores, I remember seeing that vest ;-)

Rae said...

Maybe now you're just a clothes horse, haha. Love the way you styled this :]

piglet said...

I love this! those gloves are so darling!

Raquelita said...

Oh, I am completely enamored of this look. That vest is so awesome!

Regarding your awesome/ugly coat: no doubt, I would be converted on a cold day. Perhaps I should feature my awesome/ugly peacock bag sometime very soon.

Anonymous said...

If you ever get tired of those gloves, you know where to find me... ;D

C said...

Oh. my. gosh. BEST. VEST. EVER!!!!

Anonymous said...

Frig, you gotta love winners.
I thoroughly enjoyed your horse banter. just so you know.

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