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Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

The February magazines are rolling in and I'm tripping over myself with inspiration. Then I take a step outside and sadly put away the open-toe shoe and ankle sock combo. It's not that I'm hating on my cuffed blazer, dark denim and snappy, newly thrifted, patent leather sand booties, I just really wish was warm enough to wear a pretty skirt and show just an inch of leg. But I need to remind myself that this is a Canadian winter and it's time to get creative because it's not leaving anytime soon.




Blazer? Apricori, Winners
Stripey turtleneck? thrifted
Jeans? Paige Premium denim, Boutique Olivia
Shiny booties? thrifted
Chain necklace? F21
Purse? Beverly Feldman, Winners
I have to thank my brother 'K' for these photos (also for the toboggan and Rick Astley tape he left in my car when he and his wife borrowed it). I think it's pretty cool that he is so supportive of my blog, except when he hassles me over grammar and splling mistakes. To thank him for the support, I let him be a part of the most integral part of fashion blogging; the picture taking. One may argue that I was simply using 'K' because Matt was at work but I'd like to think he was thrilled to be included. Admittedly, things go a little smoother when Matt takes the pictures, we're an efficient team by now. 'K' kept waiting for the landscape to inspire him. But the cold doesn't wait for inspiration... There was a lot of tomfoolery happening, so it was not the most successful series of pictures taken... I was either falling, doing a stupid dance or I couldn't stop giggling... I took some pictures of him too, I need to work on my photography skills and he on his posing skills, but we could be unto something special.



Julia said...

Brother looks like you! I remember those long winters -- I'm sure they're even longer in Canada than they were in Iowa. By the time the end of March rolled around and I was still freezing, I would get so angry I couldn't see straight. Anyway though, you're rockin that outfit. The stripes are so classy -- you always look so classy! How do you do it?! Classic good looks, I suppose, haha.

Anyway, looks like you had a fun time with your brother.


Academichic said...

You and your brother are too cute and funny! I love this post. I wish I had siblings. Sob.

I love your stripes+blazer+gold. I need some winter inspiration big time, I'm really just wanting to throw on a tee and a skirt and call it a day. Is it summer yet? S.

Linda said...

Hey it's Male Jentine with a Canadian landscape behind him...weird! Yeah your picture taking kinda sucks. I can also tell you are slightly less comfortable with the different were posing it out less...nice to see a little giggle.
But holy heck I love those like that have been a search for no avail (obviously).

Secondhand Stella said...

Awwwww, its nice that you are spending some quality time with your brother and that he is helping you w/ your blog.

I love the outfit you are wearing.

I hear you about winter... I was really depressed this morning when I woke up and looked out my window. Winter is so blah.

Christina said...

Haha I usually just use the timer on my camera, which leads to many blurry, unfocused pics.

Danielle said...

These pics are great! The snow makes such a pretty backdrop and your blazer is dynamite :)

Thank you so much for your comment yesterday! u are one of my favorite bloggers, so your comment was a HUGE compliment to me. Thanks, thanks, thanks :)

Sabrina said...

I wish my brothers were as supportive as yours is. Not that they aren't, but I know they just would complain if I asked them to take pictures.

Love your outfit!!! Its one my of top five fav. of your looks.

Great find on the boots. They are amazing!

Ana said...

I think the pictures look good! Love those glasses with that striped shirt :o)

Anonymous said...

You look so very chic in your stripes and cute glasses, lady.

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

You look so great! I love it all. Those boots are amazing. :D Good luck in the cold! I'm feeling ya!

The Village Idiot said...

love the classic look of stripes, blue jeans and a fitten coat!!
you look very chic. i love the shoes!

p.s- my mom bought my "swacket" from marshalls.

Rae said...

If its any consolation, I'd probably assume the fetal position if I was in Canada's temperatures, so your ability to look so fabulous and put together in these shots is super impressive :]

Anonymous said...

I think the pics look great, and your outfit is really cute!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

hear hear! i think we are all having this same angst this week.

Chelsea said...

these pics are fabulous! go bro! and I love the look you've created... the booties are awesome, and you sure know how to work a horizontal stripe!

Lorena said...

Your pictures are so nice, love that snowy setting.
Also the blazer and the striped tee with the gold accent is very flattering and... you got a great looking photographer!

Tabitha said...

I'm with you on the magazines. So many have come in this week, ones I didn't even know I subscribed too, but have fantastic pics.

Kyla said...

You are so snazzy! I love your new booties and you can never fail with simple stripes. Your bro's pretty snazzy himself. You must've taught everything he knows!

K said...

Looking good! Those are some very cool thrifted shoes. That was really sweet of the bro to do that too. I can imagine you guys had a good time.

Christen said...

Tripping over myself with inspiration. I love that quote! And I feel your pain, I am having the same issues: inspiration vs. weather. And it's a losing battle, I'm afraid. So ready for spring!

LOVE that jacket - the cuffs are perfect!

Fabulocity in Amish Country said...

Love your look! Fab!

alexandra said...

hehehe same things happen when my brother takes my outfit posts--it always ends up in giggles and silly angles. all part of the fun, and we all enjoy it on this end!

Kristin said...

Your boots are killer!!

My brother does the exact same thing!! He will email me if he notices an error on my blog! Too funny! :)


Fun blog. I love all the snow! =)


Nana Erin said...

awwwww. Love the smile in that third pic. And the stripes!~

C said...

I love those glasses! Word verification: "whors".

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