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Yeah, yeah... It's Cold




Faux fur vest? Thrifted
Leather bomber? Zara
Striped turtleneck? thrifted
Stretchy pants? Liz Claiborne, thrifted
Boots? Stuart Weitzman, Winners
Purse? Elliot Lucca, Winners
Slouchy hat? Calvin Klein, Winners
Gloves? Steve Madden
Chain necklace? thrifted

I really love scouting out good locations and taking pictures outside... but sometimes that can't happen. I'm surprised I actually have a decent picture location in my house because slanted ceilings and tons of stuff everywhere make it hard to pose. it. out.
I know this sentiment has been echoed by many bloggers but it's officially freaking cold. No longer is it 'a bit chilly, I think I'll wrap this chic little scarf around my neck', it's almost 'I'll cut a hole in a sleeping bag for my head and wear that' kind of cold. Besides, my photographer spent the evening drinking beer and putting in a new bathroom floor (which looks great!), so I thought I would go easy on him.
I like this look. It's all layered and warm (I wore tights under my pants too) but still chic. Honestly, it was far below the freezing point and so windy that it even knocked out power for a bit, so I could have easily busted out one of my true winter jackets. But I know it will get even colder and I feel like I have to acclimatize myself. If I bust out the big guns now, what will I wear when it gets even colder? I really don't know if my reasoning makes any sense or not but I'm sticking with it.


And how funny is this picture? Matt caught me dusting the shelves before he took outfit pictures. That's my scandalous secret... I have a dusty house.


Anonymous said...

Well I'M scandalized.

The fur vest over the leather bomber? Brilliant.

I'm sure you've explained this before, but what does "winners" mean?

Julia said...

I covet that vest, hardcore. I know what you mean about acclimatizing. I mean, probably not like YOU, since I do live in Virginia and you're in the Great White North, but still. I think this is a fab combo of chic and warm. And I too pulled the tights-under-pants when I lived in Iowa!

Also, cute room! I love the dress form and the exposed brick.


Fabulocity in Amish Country said...

You look so fabulous in this! I love the layers of fur, leather, and boots. Amazing :)

K said...

What a great look! I think I've been rationalizing in the same way. I cant wear all my warm stuff at once! It's going to get colder and then how will I feel? Cold, thats how. I think I need a faux fur vest to help me...

And Sal, Winners is a womens fashion store. They're not all over and I only know about them through reading so many blogs. I think they might not even be in the US...Here's a link to their site if you want to check it out

Academichic said...

I love that last picture, how funny! What a fabulous room with the shelves, the exposed brick, the slanted it! And your outfit is great, as everyone already said, so all around a lovely post!


Academichic said...

PS: I like your new "about me" blurb.

Raquelita said...

I am loving the fur vest over the leather jacket! I might have to steal this look!

Linda said...

"it's almost 'I'll cut a hole in a sleeping bag for my head and wear that' kind of cold."

Best.Line.Ever. You are so clever.
Did you guys re-carpet the stairs yet?

stilettolover91 said...

I love the vest!!! You're gorgeous!

Secondhand Stella said...

Hahahahahaha, love the last pic!

I know... its so cold out and I have to go out tonight for a friend's bday and I have no idea what to wear. Damn winter.

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh out loud with your final photo - and I needed a good laugh today, so thank you! Love this look - very chic, very "I know it's cold but damn I can still look good." And I agree completely about waiting for the real heavy coats for a bit. After all, it's only mid-December - it's going to only get colder!

Megan Wolf said...

I think you are my hero, because even when it is cold you manage to look ridiculously fab. I mean seriously that vest? awesomeness. can I steal it form your closet? and those gloves... well they are kind of fierce and I am coveting them.

on another note, I almost died when you said that it was so cold that you had the urge to cut a hole in a sleeping bag and wear it. right on, I think you should give this a try. snuggie style right? :)

and gasp, that dusty house is scandalous. better not let that get around town. for reals.


Sharon Lei said...

You look absolutely amazing! I love that jacket and the faux fur!! I'm jealous when I see bloggers layering.. the humidity in Hawaii, doesn't allow us to do that!! boo hoo.. You have a lovely home.. I love all the angles!!

Love & Aloha.

Kyla said...

I love scandal! And I love this outfit! It is officially f'n cold here too, but I'm hopeful that it will warm up and not stay this cold for the whole winter. I'm the most annoying optimist I know.

You have the best thrifted goods EVER! That vest is amazing!

Unknown said...

I love the fur jacket and your boots were a great buy not just practical, very stylish too. I love the you have put your hats on the bookshelf.

Chelsie Te(e)la said...

great outfit. I am enjoying the stack of Instyle mags in the shelf. I should put mine on display.
P.S. I just started working at Winners :)

C said...

I really like your inside photo location! I do the same thing with my winter coats. Usually the heaviest one doesn't get busted out until the new year. We'll see if I make it that long this time around. I just love your outfit!

Dylana Suarez said...

I really love your vest!

Maz said...

I really like the layering of this!


Kristin said...

This is a great cold weather look! I love how you put everything together!

It has gotten so cold here, that I chickened out on outdoor outfit shots, and opted for out poorly lit apartment hallway yesterday!

Nadine said...

Gorgeous outfit!

Eyeliah said...

cute outtake! Your spot works for sure, and the bookshelf even adds interest. I have no where inside thats good for pics, so it's to the balcony for me. The colder it gets, the less shots I take lol.

Christen said...

I hate how much harder it is to get good pictures in the winter. It has taken a toll on my blogging. But you look fabulous and your pictures turned out beautifully!


Love it!

Anonymous said...

Super cute vest! Love it!

E said...

Your fur vest is totally fantastic! I love the stripes and black pieces with it too!

Jo said...

I, too, am living in sub-arctic conditions, and trying to layer up. It's hard to come up with a blog-worthy outfit when your greatest worry is how to keep your teeth from chattering on your 30 minute commute to work!

Unknown said...

perfect outfit!

kim said...

cute vest!

Clothes Are Cute
Clothes Are Cute

Anonymous said...

girl, you just rock. love it!

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