Jacket? Thrifted Jeans? Citizens Boots? Modern Vintage Tee? Gift (similar here)
Collar? Friend's grandmother (similar faux here) Sunglasses? h&m (similar here

I bought this leather jacket super cheap on a 50% off day. I love the colour of leather (I want pants in this colour!), I love the details at the waist... but the shoulders and arms are rather giant. I decided I was going to make it work anyways and I was ready to commit to it (I'm writing this while watching The Bachelor, I think I am jacking their lines...). I believe I told Matt that when I wore it, I would luxuriate in the pure 80's amazingness that is this jacket. I did just that.
And the walrus tee? A gift from my brother. He found it on super sale in a boutique in a little town in Holland. He bought it months ago and just brought it to me now while he is visiting. Proof that sale shopping is a genetic trait...

Many thanks to Julie for the pics. There is no one else I would rather thrift or blue steel with. Sears called, they want their poses back.


Karli said...

Gorgeous photos! You look stunning. Killer shirt, too.

Frannie Pantz said...

Awesome photos jentine! And I just adore your jacket! It's amaaaaaazing! And how sweet of your brother to get this rad shirt for you! *currently singing I am the walrus by the Beatles in my head*

Rebecca Jane said...

That shirt is simultaneously hilarious and awesome. Also the comment re: Sears poses - I literally laughed out loud.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Very cool! OMG, so funny about the Sears poses. I used to get soooo excited when the catalogues would come.

Your brother's Youtube was awesome. I really enjoyed it. And hey...you two are wearing very similar jackets. Well, his is the manly one, and yours is the girly one.

Sue xo

newpetite said...

You look lovely and love the tee!

Loulou said...

Great outfit! Your hair looks terrific. Love the pin coil. (I got a hair curling wand after reading your post about yours, but have not nearly reached the styling expertise that you have yet!)

And your boots are killer, as are the Sears poses.

Duesapps said...

I loved your glares


Melissa Swanson said...

I LOVE that walrus shirt. I must have one exactly like it, or at least find that little boutique. Does that mean I should visit Holland for a shopping trip? I wouldn't complain about that!

Julie Van Huizen said...

HAHA. Our glares. You are working it. I, on the other hand, look like I'm scolding someone for being late for dinner.

Sarah Summerlin said...

I LOVE that walrus shirt!

Jennifer said...

That jacket is all kinds of awesome!

xo Jennifer


briannelee said...

Love that tee :) Your brother has good taste.

Tara Honeybird said...

Ahh!! Your outfit is all kinds of cute. I love your sense of humour :)

Elle-Living in Color said...

I adore your hair! So retro :)
xo, elle from Living in Color.

Laura said...

Two of my favorite thrifty gals together in one place! Love it! And you are rocking that walrus shirt! I'm glad that I wouldn't be the only one that would appreciate a random gift from my brother like that!


Rose B. said...

I love this outfit on you. Everything about the style I love!

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