Tweed Tips

  Tweed jacket? Thrifted (very similar in blue on sale here) Pants? Gap (these are the best boyfriend jeans, just the perfect slouch but still fit in the right spots) Boots? Ash (similar here
Shirt? Thrifted Belt? Michael Kors (similar here)

Last week, as I was walking into Talize for the 50% off sale, the cutest little old lady stopped me outside to tell me she had left lots of good stuff for me. How funny is that? I have no idea why she told me that, though if I had to guess, I would imagine it would be that I probably had some dorky, thrift-high look on my face...

Inside Talize, I went to the blazer section first because a friend had asked me to keep an eye out for a pink tweed jacket. I figured I might as well take care of my to-do list before I started looking for more dresses and sequins to add to their friends at home. My friend had found a tweed jacket at J. Crew (kinda like this one, can't find the exact one anymore) and was hoping the thrift store could deliver something similar for her. I found a light pink one in a  classic blazer cut and this darker pink one that was more in a boxy, cropped shape. They were under $5, so I bought both and she can take what she wants. I took the darker pink tweed jacket out for a test drive last weekend because I am considerate like that...

And since we're talking tweed, and since J. Crew has declared it to be back in style, I just want to say that tweed is in abundance at the thrift store. Though it is quite common (Chanel anyone?) and almost a fashion staple, it went through two pretty major trend cycles in the last 20 years. These two 'recent' trend cycles left us with plenty of tweed in the world. In the early to mid 90's, tweed had a moment and I also distinctly remember tweed being the most popular thing of life when I was in university about 8 years ago. I feel like in 2013, a good quality, well-fit blazer looks current no matter what the fabric is. So, if you find a nice quality tweed jacket at the thrift store, it is worth spending some money to get it tailored if necessary.

And there you go, an outfit and a thrift tip in one post.


Ladies in Navy said...

loving that leopard belt! also loving tweed. :) scholar-chic!
kw ladies in navy

Myrna said...

Love this jacket - it looks very Chanel !! Great find !


Jessica Gitler said...

love the jacket and the advice ... you always look amazing and I am loving your hair like that!!

Jennifer said...

Love all the colors in your jacket :)

xo Jennifer


Unknown said...

Love this jacket! I am headed out for some thrifting this afternoon and I can not wait. It is one of my favorite activities and I could spend hours in one store! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

you look great in that color! and what an amazing find, too. you're right...the thrifts are full of tweed jackets, but they're always too big! the fit of yours is making me jealous. if i was really petty, we'd be in a fight right now.

MisisD said...

pink and blondes are like PBJ. That's a compliment! You look beautiful.

Rebecca Jane said...

First, that jacket is fantastic. Secondly, your hair looks pretty amazing in these photos.

Unknown said...

I love the tweed! The cropped shape is super flattering :)

Unknown said...

This is a gorgeous tweed jacket! love the color of it :)

Rachel’s Lookbook

Anonymous said...

I am such a sucker for tweed and the color of that jacket is just beautiful. I also love your hair!

Fleur de Lyss

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that you have amazing style. I think you could make toilet paper look like you stepped out of a magazine. I just ran across your blog last weekend and have been glued to it since. I have been to the thrift shops with your tips in hand a couple of times already. No luck yet but it is fun treasure hunting. Mostly I like to look at what you put together, go to my closet, and copycat it. Fun! Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

I am in love with your tweet jacket!

Petite Adventures said...

Great jacket - the colour is fantastic!

Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

Unknown said...

Loved these shoes...:)
Android Developer

Unknown said...

I loved your colorful jacket
Android Developer

Kastles said...

umm good find! Amazing jacket! Lucky friend of yours! Also how does your hair always look so perfect?! Do you spend a lot of time on it?
Happy almost friday!
<3 Kastles

Unknown said...

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