Mystery Gifts


Top? All Saints, thrifted Jeans? 7fam Shoes? Láttitude Femme Purse? Thrifted
Sunglasses? Betsey Johnson (similar here) Necklaces? Bottom is thrift, top two from Merl

This last week a gardening magazine was delivered to my door. All signs pointed to the fact that the magazine was for me. It had my last name on it... kind of. It had my address on it... kind of. And it was a gardening magazine, which pretty much disqualifies Matt from the running.
The arrival of the magazine was a little bit of a mystery. Where did this come from?
And then I remembered my older lady friend (I never know how to say this because I don't want to call anyone 'old' but she is over 75... hence, older) who told me she was going to get me a subscription to a gardening magazine for my birthday (October) or for Christmas or for being pretty cool... I'm not quite sure what it was for, but it was a very kind gesture that I totally forgot about until the magazine showed up with the mail. This thoughtful lady does not do the internet, so I am sure she handled the magazine subscription like it was 1997 and called it in.

And that is how I ended up with magazines addressed to Tandiana.

I've said it before but when you have a name like Jentine, you learn to set your standards low for being getting your name right. But Tandiana takes the cake for misspellings. If we can even call this a misspelling. I have serious giggles picturing the conversation on the phone as this lady tries to explain how to spell my name. Hey, they got a 't' in there and an 'i' so that counts for something right?
And if Tandiana shows up as one of the most popular girl name in 2014, you all better remember that it started here. With a gardening magazine and some good intentions...


rhrsvrt said...


Sistergirl said...

Great shoes...did you tell us where you got it?

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

Hahahaha that's amazing!! What a hoot, and honestly, such a sweet gesture.

Your writing always makes me crack up, you have a way with words, Tandiana.. a way with words... ;)

Tanya said...

Hey, who could have come up with Tandiana? How do you turn Jentine into Tandiana? That's a real mystery. By the way, my full name is Tatiana and people call me all sorts of things...
I too love your shoes\booties. And the rest of the outfit.

his_girl_friday said...

How sweet of your older lady friend! And: Those necklaces are so great. So great.

Unknown said...

Love that top and those necklaces! Great thrift finds.

Anonymous said...

Tandiana sounds like a cute name! Oh and I love how you played with the proportions here, that is quite a statement necklace. And the booties, those are super fab too!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Ladies in Navy said...

how sweet... but also what a hilarious story about the name! :)
kw ladies in navy

Jennifer said...

Cute booties!

xo Jennifer


Unknown said...

Bwahahahaha!!!! Great jeans!

Also, I'm Jessica...or Jernica as it was once spelled. Also, isn't Jessica one of the easiest girl names out there??

Amber said...

Oh wow, what a spelling fail!! LOVE your shoes!!!


Unknown said...

Bahaha - that is pretty an epic of a spelling right there. But, hey, at least you get a gardening magazine now that will make you smile every time is arrives on your door step!

Also, that top is just amazing! What a score! I love how you edged it up with those jeans and the booties! Super b.a. and awesome!


Unknown said...

Oh names! Mine is Gilkana - also the source of a lot of confusions and misspellings.

As usual, awesome outfit!