Let's Go to the Beach, Beach


Sandals?  Flat Sandal in Vaqueta Cuero by MTNG c/o DNA footwear Skirt? Nougat Top? Marc Cain, consigned 
Necklaces? Thrifted and J. Crew Tote? Russell Gibbs Hat? h&m Hair? Some lake water and split ends

I'm a big fan of my new MTNG sandals. They are the perfect balance of plain and interesting, if that makes any sense at all. I wanted to wear them out the second I got them, but it was pouring out and it didn't let up all day. I had to wait a whole day to wear them. Torture.
I did however, get plenty of opportunity to wear them this last week because we had a little vacation. It wasn't perfect weather all week but there was enough sun to enjoy lots of beach time and fill in my work boot tan.

In general, the vacation was pretty great. We had a cottage near a beach and did a lot of nothing important. I am a consummate list maker and worrier over things that matter naught, so it took me a bit to relax at first. Eating bacon, buying cheap cat print blankets from the bargain store and sweeping the layer of sand off the kitchen floor does not need to be carefully written on the to-do list. These things can just happen on their own...
I woke up Friday morning and told Matt that this was the best sleep I had had in a long time. He told me he could hardly sleep because he was so sun burned.  If that doesn't say successful beach vacation, I don't know what does...


briannelee said...

Love the crop top with the skirt!

his_girl_friday said...

It does sound like a successful vacation! I love your outfit soooo much. That crop top/skirt situation is great.

Rachel Lynne said...

LOVE your layering of necklaces! So chic!

Coosje Helder said...

I love how you pull together the most unlikely of combinations together and make it look just right! I see what you mean by the "plain but interesting sandals" and they are what make the top work with the skirt in perfect balance! And then the tote...flesh out the skirt and extol the virtues of Hamilton to boot!
Mrs. H

Merl said...

tell Matt he done GOOD with that last photo, and tell your parents they done GOOD with them genes you got. ;)

Anonymous said...

How fabulous are you for the beach? Adore the whole look, that necklace is such a great piece1

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Marisa Mercanti said...

Your necklace game in the last few posts has been bang on. Love

Laura said...

Sounds like you had a good vacation! I'm loving this outfit, everything is perfection! That crop top and the skirt together, plus the sandals and necklace - so awesome!


amandromeda said...

i can't wait to see you and your hotness next month!!!!!

Annick said...

Loving this look! The pattern mixing is perfect and I love how high waisted the skirt is. Gorgeous!

Bold Subtlety 

Ladies in Navy said...

what a gorgeous top!
kw ladies in navy

amanda said...

aaack, that top is amazing. Covet. love the pattern mixing and necklace layering, too.