Some Thoughts


Blazer? Thrifted Shorts? Gap boyfriend shorts (size down! here) Shoes? Derek Lam 
Purse? Vintage, gift  Scarf? Hema

Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to write and I stare at my computer screen for an hour and then tell you a story about my cats. Other times I feel like I have so much to write that I can't seem to have good segue and I end up... just telling you a story about my cats.
Let's forget about a cohesive post today. Here's just some thoughts.

Most importantly, my girl Kate Middleton had a baby. You already heard that part. What you didn't hear is that I cried when I heard the news and then cried again when I saw the sweet family in their festive blue leaving the hospital. I didn't even know I cared that much... or at all! What is wrong with me? We can probably explain away tear fest #2 as tears of envy over Kate's fresh blow out. She looked fabulous...

Also, last week I drove myself down to Chicago to hang out with some pretty cool ladies (more on that later I am sure). It should be noted that for the first time in my life, I have a vehicle that is reliable enough to make the 8 hour drive. It should also be noted that I actually hate driving long distances and the drive was making me a bit nervous beforehand. When I snow plow I drive for way longer than 8 hours, so the apprehension to driving for long distances is a little weird. Whatever. I got layers people, like an onion...
And after all the fuss, the drive was fine. It turns out I just need a mix of country music, classical music and political talk shows to keep me alert. Again, I am a layered and complex person...

Finally, my knees legit look like babies in the first picture. Anyone else get that sometimes? Can we start a club or a support group or a funny hashtag on Instagram at the very least? #babyfaceknees

That is all. For now.


Jane {torontoShopoholic} said...

I am not sure whether I giggled more at the baby knees comment (which they do by the way) or the Shrek references.

And as much as I think Kate looked amazing leaving the hospital, the realist in me says who the F looks like that leaving the hospital with a newborn?! A princess or rather a Dutchess that is who...

glowbutterfly said...

Oh my gosh, now that you said it it's all I can see!!! Babyfaceknees or not, still pretty jealous of those endless legs of yours.


Lizzie said...

Oh my god, yes I have baby face knees! Angry baby faces... So glad I'm not alone!

veronika girlandcloset said...

Your drive down to Chicago sounds fabulous and brave!! Oooh, but so worth it. And oh man, KATE MIDDLETON, worry not friend... I too am massively obsessed with the royal family and her perfectly coiffed hair for that matter!

And your are looking fab. I now know I need to pair a blazer with my summer denim shorts!! xo

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous in those pics. I envy your legs. Knees are a bit of a strange body part, so I wouldn't worry.

Anonymous said...

So glad for you that your drive went well... I totally remember my younger years and not having dependable transportation. This too shall pass my dear... and I love that you love Kate and am dying over that awesome vintage purse! Of course it is no way large enough for my needs but it's so stinkin' cute!

Annie said...

Two things:
I was so happy for the William and Kate that it surprised me too. They just seem... down to earth? I don't know. Anyway, happy is happy, so I'll take it!

I also get nervous about solo distance drives, but oddly enough, country, classical, and political talk are also my mix. Who knew?!

hes said...

Oh, man, didn't Kate look radiant? The hair, of course, but just the way she looked in general. I'm glad you were in my city...hope you had a great (albeit, hot!!!) time. :)

Gwen said...

I know, right? How is anyone allowed to look that good after having a baby? ...the baby face knees kind of frighten me though, because they DO look like baby faces!
Oh, but the next time you run out of words, how about doing a description of how you made that awesome scarf- bun hairdo? Because it's just the cutest vintage style ever, and I'd so love to be able to do it...

Ellen said...

love this look! - the shorts, the shoes, the blazer, the headband....you look great!

Amber Du said...

At first I was like, baby face knees, huh? And now, it's all I see! And can't stop giggling at my desk!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

That is soooo funny! Your knees are indeed baby faces, so cute. I betcha I have very chubby cheeked baby faces. {Sigh} I tried on the perfect pair of distressed jean shorts yesterday at VV; though not as short as yours, they highlighted my jiggly thighs, and I didn't get them. {'Nuther sigh}

Love your post today Yen. Very you, and enjoyable to read. Thanks for blogging!

Annick said...

Omg haha, babyfaceknees! Love it! And it really does look like little baby faces! So cute!

Wasn't Kate Middleton's hair absolutely stunning? I *almost* cried when I heard the news. I don't know, when babies are born, whoever they are, I tend to get weepy.

Lovely look! Love the rugged belt with the boyfriend shorts!

Bold Subtlety

his_girl_friday said...

Holy crap! They look like baby faces!

Laura said...

That blazer is just amazing - and that bag is just adorable too!


Kimmielovesparis said...

I just love your posts! You made me laugh and today I really needed that. Thank you. Baby knees! Love it.

Jane said...

Awwww I cried too when I saw Kate! Over here the royal family have always been so stuffy but Kate and Will seem so down to earth its made our country fall in love with the royals. I think the knees are part baby/part alien ;)

gleeps said...

Yen, you're right up there in the same league with Kate Middleton. You look magically casual yet elegant in this outfit! Those baby face knees are royal baby face knees!

Loulou said...

Haha, baby face knees! I was admiring your legs in those shorts and didn't notice until you mentioned it. Now I just can't unsee those baby faces. Hilarious!

WendyB said...

I like stories about cats :-)

And your shorts. Your shorts are great!

Amber Solis said...

Kate did look fabulous!! I sure didn't have a blowout after my daughter was born...boo.
Anyhow, your outfit is one of my favorite combos of dressy + casual with your blazer and denim shorts!!


Anonymous said...

Baby face knees: you HAS them.

(ha ha, you totally made me laugh)

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Leah said...

You look great! Love that blazer! Glad you're back safe and sound from Chicago.

katie b said...

omg you are so hilarious!

i just had to take a moment to look at my knees, and i think they resemble squashed pastries.

thank you for making me laugh, and also to not feel so self-conscious about my knees.

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