Got Game (+ giveaway)


Dress? Vintage and handmade, thrifted Necklaces? Bottom; c/o Loft, middle; gift from Merl (here), top; thrifted Clutch? thrifted Sandals? MTNG c/o DNA shoes (here)

One time when I wore this dress, it split its back seam (this happens more often, let's blame my hips...) and my Mom had to have my back, quite literally, so I could walk to my car. But other than that, this dress has been good to me. I've actually worn it a ton in the last few years (here, here and here). It goes from a bit dressier to casual very easily. That's good because I started out this particular day dressed up with heels and ended the day with my MTNG sandals, wrinkles and dog hair all over myself. Sandals, heels, wrinkles, dog hair... this dress can handle it all.
The other thing of note is the fact that I can't stop wearing all. the. necklaces. One used to suffice but now, why wear one, when three is even better? Marisa told me I have necklace game and I think I like that term... My latest addition is the long, colourful necklace from Loft. I love that it has good weight to it (I don't know why I am a freak about this but I hate flimsy jewelry... I want it to be solid) and it layers with all my other good stuff.

And lucky for you local readers, Loft just opened up a new location in Lime Ridge mall and they are letting me give away a $50 gift card to their new location. Just tell me your best pun and leave a comment. Or... actually just leave a comment with a way to get a hold of you if you win. Obviously, this giveaway is for local peeps... Unless you are planning a getaway to the Hammer sometime soon;)...

*Giveaway closed. Thanks for entering!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress!

Pun: My soccer player boyfriend is going to foot the bill for dinner, guys. (nyuk nyuk nyuk).


Unknown said...

That dress is gorgeous and it fits you perfectly!


Erin said...

I'm too hot to think of a pun. The mall is a great place to escape the heat. See how that works? :)

Pretty sure you've got my deets already.

Leah said...

Beautiful dress! And, I've had the same problem with splitting dresses as well... at church!

Jen L. said...

I can identify with the dress splitting - happened to me as a b-maid this winter! Not cool!

Embarrassed that I couldn't think of a pun on my own, so I resorted to googling puns (and came up with terrible lines like "don't sweat the petty inks, and don't pet the sweaty inks." Gross...). Lame right.

Tweet me @jenlagerwerf :)

Jen L. said...

^ iPad typo... things, not 'inks'!

Tracy E said...

Love your blog!PUN-What did the grape say when it got stomped on?nothing but it let out a little wine!Always thought it should be a pow not a pun(Play On Words)

Tracy E said...

Love your blog! PUN-What did the grape say when it got stomped on?nothing but it let out a little wine!!!ha ha ( that is so bad)Always thought it should be a pow not a pun (Play On Words) tracyaeast@gmail.com

Ladies in Navy said...

very pretty dress! love the backdrop
kw ladies in navy

Carissab said...


Dorothy said...

I have a pun: it's 34 degrees on the main floor of my house. I'm melting...Yay giveaway!

Lindsay Newton said...

A thought of pub loses it's oomph. It's got to be off the cuff! (Maybe that's a baby pun actually, cuff, fashion blog, you know?)
But cute dress none the less!

Anonymous said...

Love your clothes and your new necklace!


Ashley Lauren said...

Wooden shoe like to know.... :)


Purnima said...

My dress split while riding my bike yesterday. Tight dresses with no stretch and bikes are a bad idea apparently :)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty terrible at puns, so I'll leave a joke instead. Given how much I'd like it to rain right now, I think its appropriate:

Q: Why does Snoop Dog carry an umbrella?

A: For drizzle

I love your blog, the colors of that dress are superb!


Anonymous said...

Get shiraz over here with that wine!

Love the dress...and the sandals!!

Unknown said...

This is a great great look! I love the dress and strappy sandals!

Anonymous said...

Beauty of a dress, I have to start checking out my local thrift stores. I'm missing out!!



Kelly said...

Love it all!


Unknown said...

You are killing it in this outfit post! I love this dress with these sandals--awesome stuff!

Polina said...

omg, a local giveaway! I'm in hamilton for school commuting from oakville, so basically a trip to limeridge mall could definitely be in order!
Polina :)

Anonymous said...

Love the dress :) -


Kristina said...

This dress the da bomb......


I too, am obviously working on my cool factor.

Love the dress, love the blog.



Unknown said...

What a fun and unique dress.


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Hope it's not too late to reply to this and enter in the contest. I love this dress, it is absolutely gorgeous!

"There was the person who sent twenty different puns to his friends, with the hope that at least ten of the puns would make them laugh. No pun in ten did."

Ha ha ha

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Unknown said...

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