Now and Then


Dress? Thrifted Hat? Ophelie hats Sandals? DvF Clutch? Thrifted

I wore pretty much this exact outfit about 3 years ago here. The classic wool dress, the eye-catching hat completed by some black accessories... You know, it's fun to shake it up and try new trends but if it's good, it's just good. And that's how I feel about this outfit; it's good.

And if you have been following me for over three years now (thank you muchly...), I don't want you to think I am recycling content. I've spent the last three years making changes. I've worked hard at growing those few extra inches of my hair (no joke, painfully slow... that is 3 years worth of growth), I've since mastered a fairly decent cat-eye and I've upgraded to using coloured walls for blog backgrounds as often as I can. But let's be honest, the extra hair length, cat eyes and purple walls aren't needed with this hat. Because if it's good, it's just good.


mos steph said...

Lookin' good.
Yes, a great hat.

Jennifer said...

That dress is really something beautiful!

xo Jennifer


Unknown said...

You look so great! That dress is wonderful and the hat is just a perfect touch!


Leah said...

Holy hottie! That dress is classic and especially paired with that hat. Love this whole look.

Lucy said...

What a beautiful hat!

J said...

Lovely hat, how very elegant and ladylike. I love the way you paired it, Yen (can I call you that?). You should do a vintage era-inspired post with the hat! I'd definitely love to see that!

Frannie Pantz said...

INDEED!!! It is good! I love this hat on you! Muy bueno! (This post was so good it required the small bit of bilingual in me to come out)

DressUpNotDown said...

Definitely worthy of showing off again in blogland! :o)


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

You look lovely, and although all the elements of your outfit are perfectly balanced, I still can't seem to take my eyes off that gorgeous hat. Stunning!!

Sue xo

Tabet said...

great pictures and a sweet outfit :)


Annick said...

Lovely! Those DVF shoes are to die for and perfect for summer! Loving the vintag-ey hat too!

Bold Subtlety

Unknown said...

SO Lovely! I adore those heels!

Unknown said...

Such a fabulous outfit! Love the hat :)