Work (it) Out

Sweater? Nike  (similar here, maybe even better) Skirt? c/o Jacob (here) Shoes? Ralph Lauren (here
Bracelets? Salamander one is from my Oma, the big one from a random boutique
Sunglasses? Betsey Johnson (similar here)

I found this leather-sleeved sweatshirt at a huge discount when I was looking for some work out clothes at Winners. I thought it was an accident that had some leather end up between the neon spandex selections. But it is actually work out gear and the leather is washable. Huh. Interesting. I was obviously not the only one confused because the sweater stuck around for a while and got a couple red stickers until I found it for $25... 
I'm all for having fun work out gear... if I have bright pink shoes or silly shirt I'm more inclined to put them on and head out to do some stairs. At least that is what I tell myself. I've never thought of sweating it out in a leather sleeved sweatshirt though. I wonder who wears leather shirts to work out? Probably the daughter of the lady who owned the 80's silk work out jacket I thrifted a few years ago... I want to meet these people. If you are wearing silk and leather to work on your fitness, I could totally get along with you. You probably tease and curl your hair and then bring a glass (bottle? Stay hydrated...) of wine with you to the treadmill.

Like I said, my kind of people...


eelsay said...

What a steal! you'll make great use of that sweater, lobe how you wore it here,sexy & sporty.


Aimee Rancer said...

Love the sweater and how you paired the athletic sweatshirt with a feminine skirt! Happy Monday!



Jennifer said...

This outfit is super powerful!

Unknown said...

Love the sweatshirt with the skirt. Seriously though, who doesn't need leather to work out?!


Asher said...

Looove this! That skirt is so cute & it's adorable with that sweatshirt!

Jennifer said...

Fab skirt, fab sweater!

xo Jennifer


Ladies in Navy said...

you look great! love the skirt
kw ladies in navy

Candida said...

Well hello Sporty Chic. Love this outfit - its all sorts of cool and feminine. The white skirt looks great on you!

Um, can I get in on that workout sesh (wine, leather, teased hair). (wink)

Merch Maven

Elaine said...


Anonymous said...

i dig those sunglasses...gotta get a pair.

Secondhand Stella said...

That top is pretty fab. Love how you styled it.

Leah said...

Love this! Hot!