Weekend Summary


Dress? Thrifted (similar (with sequins!) skirt here) Jacket? Scotch and Soda (finally found a reasonably priced version here) Shoes? Ash (here on sale) Necklaces? J. Crew (similar here) and thrifted (the longer one)
Belt? Michael Kors

This weekend I finally saw the Hunger Games, I tried green wine, I had a long nap, I found a new favourite wall for outfit pictures and I accidentally might have caused my friend's daughter to fall off a kids' picnic table... We were goofing around and I was pretending to pick her nose (yes, this story just gets better and better...) and she giggled and moved away from me; rolling herself off the little picnic table. And because she is completely fine and still seems to think I'm pretty cool, we can count this weekend as a success.
No teenagers in the theatre during the showing of the Hunger Games helped contribute to the overall success of the weekend as well. I like crowds of teenagers about as much as my friend's daughter likes picnic tables right now...


Anonymous said...

Oh... I hope you don't mind that at least one of your readers is a teenager then... :)

Linda said...

Love those sunglasses. WERK

sis said...

Oh yes, I have also caused a number of small children to hurt themselves. There's always that pause where you're not sure if they're going to cry or not - I try and distract them quickly so they forget it ever happened!

And what in the world is green wine??

sis said...

...also I'm obviously in love with your coat

Secondhand Stella said...

LOVE this outfit! Everything about it is perfect!

Jentine said...

Anon- I do like teenagers...;) But crowds of them at the theatre or at F21 make me anxious...;)
Sorren- green wine is wine from baby grapes... Bubbly and nice!

Emily of Boston said...

I waited a while before seeing the Hunger Games... I hate crowds of teeny boppers. Exhausting.

LOVE your sunglasses... such a fabulous shape!

Natasha Fatah said...

Oh my god. I love that dress!
That is a totally rock and roll outfit!

~Natasha Fatah~
~Natasha Fatah~

sis said...

Ooo I will definitely have to give it a try; bubbly sounds right up my alley!

Elissa said...

Your necklaces give me grabby hands. And now I have to try green wine. Because I like green grapes. And I like wine. And anyone who pretends to pick her nose to win the delight of children is a winner in my book, even if said fake nose picking resulted in injury.

Bree said...

I LOVE the hunger games. I read all the books and saw the film opening night. I was surrounded by teenagers and felt old, but it was just too good not to see.

Dream in Fashion

Unknown said...

Very cute outfit!

What did you think of the Hunger Games?


Unknown said...

Love the shoes! One reason why I avoided Hunger Games for a week ;-) Loved the books, Movie - not so much. Did you like it?

Anonymous said...

Great look! I love your dress, super cool.


Joanne M said...

Yes, I love this outfit!!!!

ellen. said...

that's some amazing jewelry!


Anonymous said...

Love your hair!

myedit said...

Those who asked if I liked the movie... I did. But the book was definitely better:)

Vang said...

The necklaces are amazing! I have not had much luck thrifting jewelry. But this post just gives me more motivation to comb the thrift stores even more.


- CC said...

absolutely love this!


cheap gothic lolita dresses said...

You looks so cool!Absolutely gorgeous outfit!Love the dress!

Anonymous said...

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Larry Mack said...

Love the shoes! One reason why I avoided Hunger Games for a week ;-) Loved the books, Movie - not so much. Did you like it?