Snapped. Beverages.


(clockwise from top left)

1. This is my special cup. My friends gave it to me as a joke at my bachlorette party nearly six years ago. This is Dollar Store merchandise at its finest. I still always use this cup, even when the table is set in all its napkins matching centrepieces finery... Nothing says classy like a pink plastic cup...
2. I splurged and bought heart ice cube trays from Winners for $5. Good investment. They make every drink prettier.
3. Speaking of pretty drinks... a s'more martini. I kept Matt company on one of his travel intensive work days and I was rewarded with fancy drinks. Sadly, this drink scored higher in Instagram-ability than drink-abilty. What a pity...
4. Every holiday weekend we always end up on our friends' backyard patio nearby. It is somehow always spontaneous and yet, it is also a tradition. Not sure how that makes sense... Last time there was no regular ice left, so I used the coloured ice cubes I found in the freezer. Turns out the ice cubes were meant to entertain the kids in the bath tub... A new low; stealing from children to keep my drinks cold. Or is that a new high?

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Natasha Fatah said...

Nice collection. I find a lot of instagram blog posts, are just random images, and while they have charm there is no thought to the composition....it's nice that you put together a really fun collection of images. :)

~Natasha Fatah~
~Natasha Fatah~

Erika of Style Activist said...

this is adorbs. i dont think there is anything better than fun ice cubes in my drink. i support stealing from children in this situation :)


D said...

That barbie cup is pretty fantastic. And too bad about the s'more martini, it sure looks pretty!

Kathryn said...

Ha ha, I thought those ice cubes looked rather familiar! It's all good, my kids like you enough to share!
And yep, gotta love the crunk-cup! :)

barefootandvintage said...

you're fucking fabulous. do NOT pardon my french.
i hope we get to have drinks together one day. for some reason...i have a feeling it might happen.

minuteobsessions said...

Love the Dollarama cup! Classy :)

I have the matching bowl in blue on my desk holding binder clips.