Jacket? Via Consignment Blouse? Thrifted Jeans? Gap 
Shoes? Naughty Monkey, thrifted (just found these with a toe plate too!) Clutch? Thrifted
Necklace? Clyde's Rebirth (top one) and thrifted

I'm quite pleased with how the colours in this outfit came out. The deep purple jeans, with the turquoise shirt and the rust jacket all came together nicely in a very autumn appropriate outfit. Even more appropriate when I realized the outfit matched the vine creeping up the building. 
When the background of my outfit pictures serendipitously matches my outfit, I take it as a sign of my destiny to fashion blog. Or... it's just a random fall vine that happen to match my jacket. Yup, it's probably just that. 


Rubi Diaz said...

I love your thriftiness! This is one of my favorite outfits on you, ever!

With Love,

Estherina said...

Loving all the colors!

Step into Estherina's World

Asher said...

Lovely colors!

ROR said...

I thought about you as I dropped $80 on a single outfit at Banana Republic this weekend... :( In my mind, you were not proud.

from R.O.R.

Kastles said...

For sure fashion destiny! :) That jacket is so pretty, love the back of it!
<3 Kastles

Laura said...

I love the colors of this outfit! The jeans are an amazing color and are perfect paired with the pattern shirt!


Anonymous said...

beauuutiful outfit!

Jennifer said...

I've had a couple of those serendipitous signs as well. No matter how small or silly, makes you feel like you're on the right track ;)

xo Jennifer


Christine said...

What an incredible color combination! Happy thanksgiving!

Jackie said...

I love the whole outfit, but those shoes are AMAZING! I can't believe what you manage to find at the thrift stores!

Andrea Kerbuski said...

I love the combination of colors and those shoes are the shit. You look great as always!

Annie said...

I looove this outfit! The purple jeans are awesome and every time you wear those shoes, I swoon a little.


love the color of your blazer!
kisses from milano

fashioningmylife said...

Nice outfit! I love the combination of colors and I LOVE the necklace! I love accessories, they add everything to an outfit

Val Sparkle said...

The shoes are amazing! And I love the print of the shirt against the orange of the jacket. The purple jeans definitely work better here than any other color would. It is all perfect!


Melissa said...

Love this look!! Those necklaces are gorgeous.

<3 Melissa

gleeps said...

Your color pairing skills are off the charts! This is so chic. Would you be willing to tell us what brand those amazing shoes are so we can google for them?

newpetite said...

Love the colors and how they all harmoniously work together!

jentine said...

gleeps- the shoes are naughty monkey. Good luck finding them! I think they are a couple years old by now...:)

Sidewalk Ready said...

A TOE PLATE?? I think I just died and went to heaven.

gleeps said...

Thanks, Yen! The shoe search begins...

Ginny said...

Love your style and take on fashion, now following :)

Kasmira said...

Beautiful colors and that jacket is just stunning!