Choose Your Own Adventure


Skirt? Tevrow and Chase (similar idea in dress here) Top? Mexx, thrifted Jacket? Costa Blanca 
Boots? Aldo Necklace? c/o Ruebelle (here)

When I edited these photos I was thinking about what I should write to go along with them. I could write about how much I am still enjoying what is left of the leaves... oh wait, I already did that. I could write about how I will take any warm days November gives me to bust out bare legs... and that's been done too (whoa... old post alert). I could also write about how I waited a very long time for this skirt to go down to $16... but that's way old news too.
I could technically leave the post at that, as a bunch of links, wherein you choose what you want to read about. It would make my blog like the Choose Your Own Adventure of blogs...
Please tell me you remember Choose Your Own Adventure books! I lived for them when I was younger... Well, I loved them but they always terrified me too... I mean, the book starts out with you playing at your friend's house and the next thing you know, you witness a a mob murder and then you have to choose between secretly jumping in the mob car to see what is going on or returning home to finish your homework. I always chose the safe option. I would choose to be at home in a flash, working diligently at maintaining my GPA and working hard to erase all what I had seen from my memory. But sometimes the safe option ended up bad too... I could choose to do my school work and the mob would still find me.  It was my goal reading those books to make it through the first full reading and keep myself alive. One wrong choice and you were falling off a cliff towards certain death. They were kids books but they had some pretty scary endings...

Happily for you, none of those links down the memory lane of the blog will send you off a cliff... they'll just waste your time. 


Lindsay Ann said...

$16?? what a steal, that skirt is gorgeous!! If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my latest post. xo

fashionable footprints

Style & Poise said...

Gorgeous skirt!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Sadly, too old for those books. I linked through and know I would have loved them! For me, it was Nancy Drew all the way. She would love your outfit as much as I do!



Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

Gosh, this skirt is super pretty :) I love how you styled it with a leather jacket! x

briannelee said...

Your hair is getting so long! Looks great!

I loved those books too, but I would always choose the option that would end abruptly. Like "the mob found you and killed you. Start over". My adventures never lasted that long :(

Cait Val said...

loved those books too!! we were the safe option type of kids too!!! HA!

also- love these photos! so fun & playful! that skirt is perfect for the weather right now!!! you look amazing!

xo. c & v
cake & valley

Frannie Pantz said...

I am having a situation here that is very eery. Ok, so I think you somehow had a telepathic episode with me or something. I was JUST literally thinking about these books last night and was like "I should do a blog post about this." Mainly this is because I, too, have been in a major blog writing funk. OMG. This is seriously strange. At any rate, I can't do it now, but I am just shocked that this is happening! Sorry. Weird. Just too weird.

I love your skirt too! And as far as the books, I was safe--ish anyway. I would go to the end of each option and then be like "ok, I guess having a sandwich with the murderer first won't be so bad . . ."

Kastles said...

Yay for choose your own adventures! Also the colours of that skirt are amazing & jealous of those leaves! I wish our fall had lasted a bit longer!
<3 Kastles

Asher said...

LOVE that skirt! The shape & print are fab!

Rebecca Jane said...

Oh my gosh, choose your own adventures were the best! I was always dying, because inevitably I would choose very wrong adventures for myself and totally end up being "lost in the jungle forever" or "getting sucked into a whirlpool" or whatever the most terrible fate in each book was. Turned me into a notorious choose your own adventure-cheater.. haha.

Love the bright colours of the skirt!

newpetite said...

Love the beautiful skirt paired with the leather jacket!

Life etc... said...

Haha those Choose Your Own Adventure books used to annoy me because I wanted to know how every ending went! I love the cut of that jacket :)

Life etc

Starling said...

I would inevitably leave my hand in the decision page until I found that I'd landed safely. If I died, I would go back to the decision page and pick the other one. This undoubtedly showed high levels of neuroticism for a seven-year-old.

Also, sadly I just looked for your skirt on Ebay and could not find it. That's a killer skirt. Great find.

Sidewalk Ready said...

Look and you lookin' all cute and stuff. Love this outfit!



Betsy said...

Great outfit!


Anonymous said...

Can't. stop. laughing!

VividVoltage said...

Choose your own adventure books were my favorite! I Would always read each choice than decide, I totally cheated.

Super cute skirt, it pops perfectly with the leaves. I also would like to give credit to your photographer, whomever it is did some nice framing. All around great post, as usual!


Laura said...

That skirt is so adorable! I love the idea of Choose Your Own Adventure blog style - those books scared the crap out of me too as a kid, but I loved them anyway!

I think you should make a CYOA book where in the end you either end up thrifting, eating a cupcake, taking a nap, or working on a blog post. I'm sure you could make it quite exciting - I would read that. :P


Christine said...

Beautiful skirt! You styled it perfectly!

Franceaz said...

I normally just covet all of your outfits and never comment...but today I must post a comment because my husband and I were JUST talking about the Choose Your Own Adventure books. Eerie! And while I am here, I want to say that I do look forward to reading your blog everyday! Thank you <3

Girl and Closet said...

Yes, loved choose your own adventure books - so good! And you, look so fab Yen. I'm in love with the way you styled this outfit, the skirt is so perfect with the black & grey palette. Love, love!! xo

Scuttle said...

I love these photos! Thanks for sharing :)


Olivia said...

You've just brought it back to me vividly how scary and *stressful* those books were!

And that is a wonderful skirt.

Mary said...

Haha, Choose Your Own Adventure - I love it! I always wanted to take the safe path, but sometimes I would get a little adventurous and then get eaten by a monster or something. I don't know why choosing the wrong path was so scary to me - after all it is just a book! lol

Jennifer Bryan said...

I love that you just wrote about this because I think about the Choose Your Own Aventure life strategy all the time. It's how I explain the fact that I've never believed in just one soulmate, or just one path for success and happiness, or just one burrito place that will satisfy my hunger. And I was planning on writing about this little gem on my blog pretty soon...but it won't have a pretty $16 skirt to go with it:)

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