Your Grandmother's Sweater

oma 2

oma sweater

Sweater? thrifted
Ribbed tank? CK, Winners
Cuffed denim shorts? AE, Winners
Belt? Michael Kors, Winners
Asymmetrical sandals? Urban Outfitters
Fringed Leather bag? ?, Filene's Basement
Earrings? farmer's market
Rings? Found on the ground and

One of my astute nephews will often say that something is 'so bad that it's good'. I think that applies to this short sleeved sweater. True, if my Oma did not live across the ocean, we could easily time share this sweater, but as it stands now, it's all mine. The best part is that the design is actually copyrighted in 1990 under the name Susan Bristol. Go Susan! No one crochets flowers quite like you...
And yes, the sock tan is blinding, I am working on it.
Thanks to my big brother, A, for taking the pics. I'll miss you this summer!!!


Linda said...

Sandals= Love

OmnisLucis said...

i like how you made the sweater work for this trendy outfit. judging from a pervious post you seem to find lots of fabulous stuff on the ground? lucky you!