A Birthday (so to speak)-The Big 5-0!


My Edit has hit 50 posts!!!! It's been a lot of fun since I started blogging and I'm really happy I'm actually doing it. I'm seriously computer slooooowwwwww but with the help of some tech savvy relatives most issues have been worked out and I'm finally typing at a rate of more than 10 words per minute. I'm learning!
Having a blog changes your life in some interesting ways...here's the biggest three changes for me.

1. Less Perez Hilton. This may also be because he posts about Twilight A LOT and seeing Robert Pattison's smug pout makes me want to run into a brick wall face first... but also, I'm suddenly much more interested in what others are wearing as opposed to wether or not Sam and Lindsay are back together. Are they or aren't they? OK, maybe I still care a bit but waaayyy less...
2. It sounds creepy but you start to feel like you know other bloggers and they are your friends. If you saw a fellow fashion blogger walking down the street, you could have a good conversation without ever cluing in that this may be the first time you ever actually talked. There are some really cool and inspiring people out in fashion blog land.
3. I'm having way more fun dressing up. I've clearly always loved clothes but now I'm kicking it up a notch. I take more chances and I'm thrifting a lot again. If someone gives me a weird look, I give them stink eye right back (I'm good at it). Not everyone in the H dot may appreciate what I wear but I'm confident my new friends on the information super highway have got my back!

Soooooo, if you read my blog and like it (oh ya, here I grovel...), I would be delighted if you followed me and even more delighted if you added me to your blog roll.
xo Jentine


Kyla said...

Amen to that!

Rachel said...

Happy Blog Day :)
You sure as heck have given me more to procrastinate with...thank you for that ;) I'm already addicted so it's all good.

Linda said...

Mmm Cupcake

De Facto Redhead said...

I was just introduced to your blog by my friend, and fellow Hamiltonian and blogger Erin @ Dear Edna, and while I have been reading through your old and new posts and thought about commenting on quite a few, this particular one provided the nudge I needed! It's so true that you feel like you know other bloggers, and, yes, it's a bit creeptastic. Oh well. Also, I just added you to my blog roll today. I love the local content! And the fashion, too, of course!