Stumped by Vintage


Silk dress? 1960's vintage (from The Vintage MarketplaceShoes? Guess, thrifted  
Bracelets? Random mall shop and craft stand 
Purse? Art Deco Beggar's Purse (I was strong, put it on Etsy here... one of its cousins up too) Jacket? Costa Blanca 

Matt is generally a handy guy. I am generally not so handy. I know I joked about road rage a few posts again but what I really have is technology rage. Something goes wrong with my computer and I flap my hands, say questionable phrases and throw the laptop at Matt.
'Fix ittttt!'
Yeah, not my finest moment.
I'm a bit better with landscaping equipment. When something goes wrong, I flap my hands, say questionable phrases that include the words 'John Deere' and then breathe. I go through everything that has ever gone wrong before to see if I can actually diagnose the problem myself. Not that I know much mechanical stuff but if the exact thing has happened in the past, I can remember that and go from there. Still, sometimes I have to call Matt or ghostbusters.
That said, this amazing little pouch from the 1930's completely stumped Matt. I asked him to check that the volume of my phone in the purse was off and he had no clue how to open it and get the phone through the top. He handled his confusion with grace though, no hand flaps or cuss words. It's pretty simple really, the lid pops open and the gate expands to allow for fashionable phone and lipgloss storage.

Vintage; keeping Matt humble and Jentine fabulous* since a long time ago...

*Clearly I am not so humble, I referred to myself in the third person. 


FutureLint said...

What a neat bag! Did I just use the word "neat" - yes, yes I did! I'm constantly swearing at my printer. I have "low mechanical frustration tolerance." At least that's what I call it.

DressUpNotDown said...

FutureLint: You said "neat" because that's just what it is. :o) Wow, what a neat bag!!!! And let us not forget the beautiful dress, made cool by the leather jacket.


Rachel Lynne said...

HAHAHA! I have technology rage too, it is really bad... especially at work because I EXPECT my computer to work so I can do my job!

paige / house of ginger said...

lies! that is a flask and it contains vodka!

Sheila said...

I have a little silver bag that opens that exact same way! I love it - it's always fun to show people.

briannelee said...

Love how you styled it! I think you should keep it :)

Elle said...

Stunning! I love your dress - it looks like 20's wedding gown and the lether jacket fits so well. Love it!


Dana Jo said...

Very tastefully chosen peaces! The dress is gorgeus and I love the leather jacket.. fits perfect! The shoes are wonderful..
Very nice pictures, thanky you for sharing :)

have a nice weekend

Mitch said...

Hi there,

My wife and I shop Ottawa St. frequently, and you have a pretty blue dress displayed in your window.

Could you let me know the sizing and cost? I looked in on the weekend, but the tag was facing the other way.

Thanks - and great to see an entrepreneur thriving.


Jentine said...

Hi Mitch! Thanks for the compliment! There were two blue dresses in the window this weekend at various times. There was a one shoulder blue and teal one from the 50's that is probably a 4/6 and is $100. And the other one was a blue and red cotton dress from the 70's that is about the same size and is $38 I believe? I can check further measurements if you wish when I get in the shop ok Wednesday:) take care!

Alice Sawyer said...

That looks splendid!

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