Shoes? Converse (here) Pants? Vince Tunic? Vince, consigned at Refinerie (they now have stuff online!
Jacket? Zara (similar but better with a hood)  Purse? Roots Collar? Friend's grandmother 
Necklace? Vintage Whiting and Davis (I got it for the shop  and I should sell it but it's so cute!)

If I had known how comfortable these Converse were, I would have jumped on this trend (or really, a classic for many people...) a long time ago. Instead it took me going to Target to look for a shelf so I can stuff more stuff in the shop and finding myself 7 minutes later in the check-out with a shelf... and a pair of shoes. 

Also comfortable? My stretchy leather pants... hence, two outfit posts in a row with the same pants. Then again, the morning of the day these pictures were taken, I was up at 5:45 a.m., wiggling myself into this amazing 1950's lace dress and some high heels for a prom special we taped at Refinerie (it's so pretty inside!). The dress is beautifully cut and fits exactly but like I said on Instagram, I had to get my mom to drive me around that morning because my arm movement did not allow for my regular sharp left turns or road rage. After a long (but fun) morning in my fancy get-up I was more than happy to trade them all in for my Converse and leather pants. 
Amazing 1950's wiggle dresses make you confused between feeling freaking fabulous and feeling like you want to go home and hug your nearest pair of trackpants. 



Stephanie Loudmouth said...

I'm pretty obsessed with this look. Layered, edgy, comfy, chic... right up my alley! And I know what you mean about Target... I can't leave there without dropping $100.

The Suburb Experiment said...

" I had to get my mom to drive me around that morning because my arm movement did not allow for my regular sharp left turns or road rage" - Oh my gosh that made me laugh.

Merl said...

I am honestly torn between loving this ensemble or the one previous more. They are so different that maybe they can tie?? just like it's a tie that our cats are the same level of cute [JK CLYDE TOTALLY WINS]

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