Life Tips


Pants? Rag and Bone Sweater? Thrifted Necklace? 70's vintage (available on my Etsy soon!) 
Trench? Vintage Etienne Aigner (here on Etsy too) Glasses? Duckworth by Warby Parker (here

I look real dour in the first picture but that's just the sun blinding me. It was sunny and borderline pleasant out and I was probably just so confused by the genuine warmth.
I also felt pulled together in this outfit, which is mostly an optical illusion I am presenting. Throw on a trench and walk with purpose (see picture 4*) and you look like you have it all together. Life tips from Jentine. You are welcome.

Another tip? I'm putting this necklace (a.k.a. The Compliment Gatherer) and a whole bunch of fun accessories on my Etsy later this week. I'll miss the necklace but don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you got 'til it's gone...? 
And that there was a life tip by Joni Mitchell. You are welcome for that too;)

* It's kind of an odd picture and I'm holding up my pant leg to avoid dragging it through the mud but I included it because I like that Matt captured such a random shot. And because it looks like I am going places.


Dana Jo said...

Love your outfit from head to toe! Awesome necklace! The shoes are great!

krysten15 said...

Love your "action" shot, we get to see your beautiful shoes! Also those pants are TDF!

Anonymous said...

That necklace! I love it!!!

DressUpNotDown said...

Random photos FTW...they add so much character to a post.

Those trousers are just WOW!


Rachel Lynne said...

Love those pants, they are so chic!

WendyB said...

LOL @ "the compliment gatherer" -- love that.

AshleyKira Andblog said...

That necklace!!!! There are no words!


Laura Whitman said...

These are definitely the best life tips that I have gotten lately! Much better than "this is what you should do after graduation" Thanks, but no thanks. ;)

Also, I'm loving your necklace -so unique and pretty!


Brandi said...

THis look is so effortlessly chic! I love your trench. Been ISO one at the thrift stores lately... newest visitor!!