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5 Faves


Jacket? Vintage (two similar ones on Etsy, here and hereShoes? Land's End (here)
Jeans? 7 for all Mankind  (no holes, darker wash hereShirt? Thrifted
 Necklace? Clyde's Rebirth (similar here)

I realized, as I uploaded these pictures, that this is an outfit comprised of 5 of my favourite pieces worn at the same time. I also realize, that as a fashion blogger, saying something is 'my favourite' can be a little empty. It's true, I have a lot of favourites, mostly because I have so much room in this beating heart...
But seriously, I like a lot of things. This crazy jacket posted a while back is certainly a favourite, but I don't have much opportunity to wear it, plus, wearing it with a seat belt is seriously complicated. These favourites are slightly more practical and thus are rotated heavily.
We all know I wear the Clyde's ReBirth necklace enough to upgrade my relationship with Merl from friend to spokesperson. The jeans and loafers (still 50% off and still comfortable) are more recent additions but they get worn all the time already. Mostly because skinny jeans that don't bag out and cute flats are probably a retail girl's uniform (and I shall never complain because I went through the maroon phase of the Tim Horton's uniform... Canadian readers, you remember that I'm sure...). The fringe shirt, an old top from a mother-of-the-bride ensemble, is a surprise basic that I throw quite often after its debut on the blog here. And finally, the 60's dalmation coat... Every time I wear it I get people offering to buy it from me. But even though I didn't wear it enough this winter because the temperature rarely went warmer than 'this is absurd and I'm going to stay inside with my blankets and cats', I'm still happy I decided to keep it.

And there you have it; 5 favourites, 1 outfit. This outfit is stacked, kinda like the Chicago Bulls in 1992*.

*totally just googled for an appropriate sports' reference.. 


Leah said...

This native Chicagoan salutes your hard-researched sports reference. Best "stacked" analogy I can think of.

Also, nice mixing of animal prints. It's nice to know someone else thinks that is a legit idea.

Anonymous said...

I second the high-five for giving props to the dominance that was the Chicago Bulls of the early to mid 90s...and your outfit is awesome to the 5th power. :)

Gwen said...

Such a gorgeous outfit! I totally know the feeling of wearing nothing but your favourites at the same time - it's a great feeling, isn't it. ;)

Suzanne said...

I was just going to write that should you ever decide you no longer need that jacket I would happily take it off your hands : )


Sarah said...

Man that coat is soooooo good. So basically you're saying there's tons of room leftover for me in your beating heart,,,

Jennifer said...

Love the two leopard prints together!

xo Jennifer

DressUpNotDown said...

I'm still on the hunt for an awesome MOB dress (with fringe of course), maybe I'll have good luck thrifting tomorrow? :o)

The Dalmatian Coat is so freaking cool! Really, I see why you get offers on it.

Miss SD said...

Omg this looks amazing!!

AL said...

How do the shoes fit? I'm looking at the same ones! My feet are in between sizes, so I never know if I should size up or down. Are they narrow?