A Glam Moment


So listing on Etsy is never going to be my favourite thing (I`m surprised we don`t have to fill out our life story with each listing...) but releasing new collections is definitely pretty fun. It`s cool to pick something completely different every time and to pull a mini collection out of so many decades. It`s not like these pieces are all in the same style but somehow it works together and it`s just interesting to find that thread of cohesion.

I originally had a totally different idea and I was gushing about it all to Julie just the other weekend, but then I realized that I have a ridiculous amount of jewelry and accessories (a beautiful problem to have) and so we have a glam accessory collection. Maybe I should capitalize that (not just capitalize on that...), a Glam Accessory Collection. An edited collection with loads of sparkly jewelry, chic evening bags and some bold 70`s chains. I think all these things can be worn for fancy times in your life but I`m also a big believer in wearing the fancy with a white tee and jeans.
Also, it`s worth mentioning that the costume jewelry of decades past is often such good quality. Hence, they have survived all these years. It's hard to describe exactly but a lot of the vintage pieces just feel good. Nice and heavy metal pieces, glass stones and solid closures. Built to last, like Fords, you know?

My favourites from this collection include this 1970's Avon perfume ring in its original box (which looks as modern as if it were released today... seriously... and it's sold), this unusual and dramatic 60's rhinestone necklace (edit: whoa! that sold within a few minutes of listing... but it's the one draped over the gold clutch below) and this beaded shell bag (sold too...) because it's just so cute on that long chain. Oh yes, and duh... these shoes that glitter beyond anything I've ever seen.


Note about the pics: I spent some time taking these pics one afternoon this week in between 67 other things I was doing (trying to do...). I went out that same night with a friend and I told her I hadn't had dinner yet because I was too busy all day getting stuff done. And then I told her that it was tiring to chew huge wads of gum and attempt to get a good picture of a bubble on the self timer of my phone. And how I could hardly breathe in my strapless Alan Cherry silk dress (that just made it into the one picture but it's amazing and you'll see it come summer!) because I was wearing it over my pants and running back and forth trying to get the right picture. So basically I was tired and overworked from wearing great vintage things and taking pictures of myself. Ha...
Of course, there was more to my day that made it busy but I'm the one who decided that what this Etsy collection really needed was pictures of me chewing Hubba Bubba. And in that moment I realize I'm kinda living some version of the dream. And it's hard and complicated and weird and... pretty darn cool.

** Whoa guys, most of the collection went really fast! Thanks for liking this collection so much! I'm tickled pink!


Greetings from Texas! said...

These pics are gorg! Hope all is well friend!

krysten15 said...

I love these pictures, so chic!

The Suburb Experiment said...

You are living the dream! I'm living vicariously through you and all the fabulous vintage you find. Alaska has great vintage coats but not much else. Hey, maybe I could start a coat store on Etsy. :)

Kayla said...

I love your crazy fun life. And the pics are awesome. Might I suggest you get a teeny remote so that you can get pics without the running back and forth self-timer issue? Go on amazon. They are totally affordable and you can program them with your dslr.

Catherine said...

There's a little 1960's Rhinestone necklace that's coming to live in Dallas! YiPpe SkiPpiE!!

Petite Josette said...

so exciting about the Etsy shop! And it seems to be working really well ? I looked this morning and tonight I notice quite a few items ar already gone (at least two necklaces I had my eyes on )
good for you!

DressUpNotDown said...

Bubble gum blog post...you are just the coolest thing!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi there - I stumbled upon your blog a while ago, but have never commented before. You've inspired me to rediscover thrifting and my wardrobe thanks you. (Thank you.) I do have a question about your lovely glasses: I've had my eye on a similar pair of WB's for a while, but as a fellow Canadian, have been nervous about buying without the chance to try them on anywhere. Did you try on the frames beforehand, or just try your luck with the online purchase? They look fab on you! So chic.

myedit said...

Sylvie- I was kinda nervous too but they get good reviews and I figured they had a good return policy so it was worth the shot. I just stared for hours at the online try out thing and then I just bit the bullet and did it. I made sure my prescription was up to date so when I got the glasses, it did take a second for the glasses to feel normal because they are totally different than my last pair and have a updated perscription than from 5 years ago:) Good luck!!! I am totally satisfied with mine!

IrishRedRose said...

So this is the right point in the sequence of comments to pipe up with--you look totally stinkin' cute in those glasses! What a flattering frame for your face. Well done!! (It's not as easy as some people think picking the right spectacles...)

And congratulations on the store (both of them)--I hope you're having a ton of fun amidst all the work. :-)

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