Skirt? Thrifted Silk Shirt? Thrifted Shoes? Frye, Winners I think this might be a fanny pack? Winners Bangles? Thrifted and gift from Mexico

This is the skirt from my last post. I just put my years of being a Catholic school girl into practice and raised the hem by rolling the waistband a few times. I'm kidding, I was never a Catholic school girl. Some of my childhood friends were though and I remember them getting their new school kilts hemmed every August under the watchful eye of their mothers. And then, on the first day of school, they would round the corner away from home and roll their skirt waistband 3 times. I never, ever wore skirts in high school and my mother never had to put up with secret hem battles. I do, however, remember having particularly strict rules about make-up. I rebelled in Grade 9 when I would sneakily apply my favourite sassy green eyeshadow on the way to school in the back of the bumpy school bus... with no mirror.

In a month I'm having my 10 year high school reunion. Some classmates have travelled the world, some classmates (most, actually) have kids and some classmates are working their dream job. I, on the other hand, have learned to apply eyeshadow properly. Using a mirror is recommended.


Cassi said...

Oh my goodness I JUST got back from my 10 year. It was great. I wish I'd've learned to apply eyeshadow properly. I found it on my cheek halfway through...haha good luck! Can't wait to see what you wear :)

Curt said...
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Lindsey N. said...

You just look amazing. I love your fanny pack! I'm sure they'll appreciate your correctly applied eyeshadow.

Lindsey Soup

Frannie Pantz said...

LOL I stole my mom's blush in fifth grade and would apply it on the bus too!

I love your fanny pack. I've had my eye on one for a while now. So cute!

Please may I? said...

Your post made me smile!

Adorable shoes.

X x

Nadine said...

LOVE your photos and location!

Hazel said...

Great post. This really made me smile.

Megan said...

I hope you wear your fanny pack to the reunion. With your eyeshadow secretly tucked away inside for reapplication, of course.

Megan's Profile said...

For sure post your 10 year reunion outfit..And learn from my reunion experience; four glasses of champagne is sufficient.Nothing good happens after that
5th glass - trust me.

Della said...

Hey, you've mastered the important things in life. Applying eyeshadow is a great talent. Who knows? Maybe one day Ru Pauls drag race will need help applying. ;)

I love the sidepouch, very Fiona ala Burn Notice.

briannelee said...

Hahahahahaha, I did go to Catholic school and def rolled my skirt ;)

Natbeesfashion said...

You are so funny!
If I had my class re-union I would be soooo anxious.
Though I shouldnt do that, I care a lot about people's opinion and I wonder what my classmates would think of me after 10 years.(Imagine that some of them critisize me for having a fashion blog..)
Nevertheless remember that all of them have the same anxiety and stress...
So heads up! You are gorgeous, beautiful and you know it!
Go girl :))Show them how fabulous you are after 10 years!

Anonymous said...

You must have been so posh with your green eyeshadows, as a catholic girl schooL I love your skirt, haven't worn one in over 10 years but I could easily add one to my closet!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

forget drugs and petty theft, the real criminals are the ones who apply eyeshadow away from their mother's watchful eyes. i did the same, only it was on my walk to school in 8th grade. happy ten year reunion!

Kat said...

Well, you've just raised the bar for the entire blogging world by making fanny packs look hip. Heck you could probably make the green eyeshadow fashionable again.

Lyndsay! said...



Ally said...

Hi Jentine! I just found your blog via Two Birds's blog and I am LOVING reading you. I can't believe I am just now finding you? I also write a blog about thrifting and I really enjoy following other thrifters. Your finds are incredible, and I'm sure you hear this all the time, but you are hilarious! I am so excited to be your newest follower :)

joelle van dyne said...

great outfit! haha i was looking at the photos thinking "i love that fanny pack... wait, is it okay if i call it a fanny pack??" so i'm glad you call it that too. it is much more cool and modern than the ones i used to have in the 90s. and such a convenient way to carry things too!

Stella said...

I missed my 10 year reunion! I was too busy with a stomach virus. We partied hard, yo. And I totally went to Catholic school, but never rolled my skirt. Too much trouble and the school wised up and put us all into jumpers. Oh well!

Erin said...

Adorable post as always. If you wear anything like this outfit to that 10 year reunion, you'll be the belle of the ball.

The Dewey Decimals

Courtney said...

I've never seen ANYONE look so good wearing a fanny pack. You are amazing. I love this outfit post. You look so cute.

I Can Be Many Things

Anonymous said...

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Elissa said...

I just bought a fanny pack myself. I say "just" but truthfully it was a month ago because I took it home and had zero clue how to wear it. Then I come across this post and see you styling one magnificently. It looks awesome. There are very few who manage to make a fanny pack look chic, but you manage to do just that. Win.

Jesse @ Happy Go Lucky Vegan said...

My ten year is coming up also! We'll feel so much cuter than our applying makeup in the back of the bus days! Love the outfit, btw.

Anonymous said...

I WANT this skirt...course I'll have to go around the corner to roll it up once my daughters are out of sight.

Anonymous said...

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