Dorothy Blogs

Remember when I wore yellow shorts and my friend asked me if I felt like I was humping sunshine? Yeahhh... that special friend is Dorothy and she's putting on her blog girl panties and posting for me today.


Skirt? Thrifted Belt? Thrifted Tee? Joe Fresh Sandals? Joe Fresh Bag? Winners Bangles? Thrifted

Six years ago I needed a dress for a New Years Eve party/wedding reception, all rolled in one. I had a few meters of terrible turquoise satin and heard through a friend of someone who could make me a dress. The rest is a bit fuzzy, but I ended up on Jentine's doorstep, with a blot of satin and a boyfriend in tow. Jentine took my measurements and the next thing you know, my boyfriend was telling her a story about his childhood cat they named Pussy. Apparently it was embarrassing to call for this kitty when he escaped outside…

A few weeks later, I came for a fitting and was ambushed with, “Can I make it a bit shorter? It would look really cute if it was shorter! Just a few more inches off?”

I tried that dress on again a while ago ago and laughed out loud in my closet. At the time I had thought it was short enough, and I had worn it well (WELL) below my knees. After six years of friendship with Jentine; her influence, inspiration and off-colour conversations, I realize, yeah, it could lose a few inches.

I’ll give her this: she was honest enough to tell me my dress needed to be shorter, nice enough to keep to herself that the material was ugly (at the time, I might have cried) and inappropriate enough to realize that a cat named Pussy, is really funny. And that’s why I love her.


Courtney said...

Oh sweet god... I would love to hear someone screaming pussy down the street. I'm so glad I wasn't drinking my morning usual tea while reading this post... I may have had to buy a new computer due to liquid damage...

Love the knot in your skirt. I really love the look of it but I haven't tried it yet... Maybe I will after reading this. Thanks so much for the laugh--I needed it this morning!!

I Can Be Many Things

Secondhand Stella said...

Your friend is so cute! Can she be my friend too? I love her outfit!

Tabitha said...

Ok I can see why the two of you are friends. A) You guys are adorable B) You both have rocking fashion sense and C) You both are hysterilarious (yup I just made that word up).

Anonymous said...

Hi Dorothy! you and your tiered skirt are adorable! I can totally see why you ladies are friends, both fab!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

sartoriography said...

A tied skirt, another pretty and stylish blonde, and a cat named Pussy? I'm sold. Maybe Dorothy should be a regular guest poster? :)

Siena in Style said...

lovely photos!!
kisses from prague and have a wonderful day sweetie

Cathy said...

Love hoe you have tied your skirt up! Adorable!

Librarian Tells All said...

Hi Dorothy! Tell us how you arranged your skirt into that perfect knot? I'm loving it!

<3 jen @ Stuff Jen Did

E said...

I love how you tied that skirt - very clever!

online shopping uk said...

You Looks Stunning in this lovely tiered skirt!! The Color combination of this outfit is just perfect!! Just Loved Your nail Polish Color.

Leah said...

ahha What a great way to start a friendship. Thanks for the guest post.

xo L.

Rin said...

Ya gotta love an honest (but not too honest) friend who appreciates dirty humor. I love the how-we-became-friends story. I also love your skirt. So cute!

Catherine said...

Sounds like a beautiful friendship! I usually tie a knot on both sides then tuck them under. Gives a balloon effect.

. said...

DOROTHY, I wonder had neither of you said anything how long it would've taken people to realize you are not the My Editor herself. So much good storytelling + fashion eye candy going on here.

Ray said...

this outfit looks so comfy and chic!

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