A Weekend

This weekend Matt and I took a very quick little trip to Montreal to see some friends. I feel like we should have strapped on our fanny packs and touristed it up around one of my favourite cities but we spent most of the time relaxing on a friend's back deck. We also should have taken more pictures but we slacked on that too.
Happily, we caught the most important highlights of the weekend so we could share them with you.


There saw a pretty teenage cat on a neighbouring patio. 'Stop making that face! We're going to be friends real soon.'


I wore one of my favourite dresses and I ripped the back seam out. I'm smiling because I didn't know that the dress was ripped yet...


I changed into another dress and a beautiful friendship blossomed between the neighbouring cat and I.

Was your weekend this awesome? Didn't think so.

P.S. A big thanks to Emily, a hot babe I like chatting to online, who let us use her condo this weekend. She posted some pictures of us that don't involve ripped dresses or cats... they are still pretty good though.


Amanda said...

Haha oh goodness the cat's face is priceless. My sister walked around an entire day on a college campus with the back of her pants ripped. Haha, I'm sure you rocked the broken clothing! Lol :)


Bri said...

Well hopefully you can fix up you're very pretty dress! Love the cat photos!

Anonymous said...

Awww, kitty! Obviously he/she approved of the second dress.

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

Louise, Raspberries In Winter said...

That cat is so cute!

J'Anns Boutique said...

Ever mentioned I love your quirky sense of humor? no? well I do!

A Girl's Next Best Friend


i have similar dress, you look great!!

Natbeesfashion said...

It seems you had lots of fun!You look gorgeous and I like both dresses!

Nikki said...

hahaha, look at that cats face! so funny! haha :p My weekend involved paintbuckets, wallpaper and broken nails. No biggie. I'm still not done actually ^^

Happy wednesday!
Loves, Nikki

Blog:The Ginger Diaries

Hazel said...

I like to make friends with the local felines where ever I go, it makes me miss by two little fellows a little less.
Shame about the dress.

Sarah Baucom said...

I love both dresses! That cat's face is hysterical. Damn cats.

briannelee said...

You are the cat whisperer ;)

Emily said...

I cannot believe you just said teenage cat... Is that even a real term?
good weekend highlights. and thank you for the massive traffic! hahaha.
oh and im so happy u visitied.

Genny said...

The dress in the second picture is so cute - hope it is salvageable??

Megan said...

OMG, I must meet this cat. So cute. I love meeting new cats, they are so much easier than meeting new people. No awkward small talk, no stress about first impressions...

Love your jewelry!

Sal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sal said...

So sorry to hear about the dress! Such heartbreak when a favorite garment gets damaged. Hope playing with that darling kitty helped a bit.

those tricks said...

aw you look so pretty in the red dress candid.
sorry to hear the dress went down.
it happens.

Leah Today said...

That is a gorgeous picture of you! Im terribly sad you ripped such a pretty dress... by my super duper expert opinion it would totally be worth fixing!



The Suburb Experiment said...

You look beautiful in both dresses. And I laughed at the "hot babe" comment. My husband references that movie more than should be allowed.

"Your mom went to college!"

A Stylized Hysteria said...

OMG, such a pretty kitty cat! I would have been harassing her all weekend too.

Anonymous said...

That little kitty looks as though he'd LOVE Parisian mustard mackerel and thinly sliced steak. ;)

Anonymous said...

You are just glowing in that first picture of you and I like your hair in that pic too.

T. said...

Love the picture of the cat!

Sorren said...

I'm very jealous of your trip to Montreal, this time last year I was there and I want to be there now! Also, I am so sad to hear about your dress but love LOVE the one you changed into!

guildedsecret. said...

you look BEAUTIFUL in that red dress... sorry about the rip fiasco...

with love,

Roberta said...

i love cats!...i have a cat called Gina:)...your look is nice
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