Claiming the Denim





Jacket? Gap, thrifted
Denim shorts? Joe Fresh
Button-up? Joe Fresh
Purse? ?, Winners
Sunglasses? h&m

Double denim is a distinctively Canadian fashion statement. I've heard of it called the Texas Tuxedo, and while the alliteration is quite clever, double denim has its roots in Canadian tradition. After all, Bryan Adams is from Canada, and he's the poster child for a whole lot of denim in one look. He might even have invented the look and if he did, he's a genius... blazing fashion trails for the future generations while writing the beautiful ballads this same generation was conceived to.

I'm all for trying trends and having fun but I think it's important to make the trend look nonchalant instead of trying too hard. Double denim is especially tricky. Around here, people often sport double denim without any fashionable intentions, it's more about the blue collar way of life, or perhaps it's about just not caring at what comes out of the closet. So, on the one hand you don't want to look like a fashion victim but on the other hand, you want to look like you care (though not too much... such a delicate business, this getting dresses successfully).

I'm happy with the way this look came out. The denims are different enough to share space and the white button-up keeps it fresh. I originally styled the shorts with a denim men's shirt and I looked like I was wearing a denim diaper onesie. Not cute... I'm glad I gave myself a critical once over, this is much better...



Kendi Lea said...

1st comment. This means that I"m officially your stalker.

I died laughing at the denim diaper onesie, as it would turn out thats what I'm wearing right now. (It's what I sleep in.)

Lovers, Saints and Sailors said...

You look so bad ass circa 1992 in that first shot. Love it.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love the phrase denim diaper onesie! I'm also so pleased to know that Kendi sleeps in one! Hilarity.

I'm just gonna say I would probably have horrible flashbacks to being a fashion victim in 1990 if I tried this, but I love it on you.

Sheila said...

I think it works as long as you use contrasting washes of denim or another denim colour (I've done white denim with a jean jacket).

Yay, shout out to Bryan Adams! Ha!

Em said...

okay, so funny anecdote. i'm from texas, and we call denim on denim a "canadian tuxedo." hmmm... quirky coincidence or international fashion conspiracy?

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

um, that last photo is amazing.
and in college, we used to call a look like this DOD (denim on denim?). whatever you call it, i think it's working here.

Destined For Now said...

You did it perfectly! You look casual, but not rodeo casual (thank goodness).

princesspolitico said...

you're really doing this look justice! you look effortless in your quest to make the canadian/texas tuxedo chic... and i meant that in all sincerity.


Fifth Sparrow said...

Yes! I love the last photo! All the graffiti artists here aren't quite that creative :(

The outfit looks super cute and effortless! xx

Glitter Scrubs - Lesley said...

A denim diaper onesie? Why no outtake treats on that?? ;)
PS: I'm going to holland at the end of May! - quick teach me everything you know!

Emma Clark said...

Love the shirt and the back of the jacket is really unusual.

Nadine said...

I love double denim! I'm dismayed it ever fell out of favour. I got MARRIED in double denim (at the registry office). I was on my way to the snow, and it was a time in my life when ruthless practicality dominated my aesthetic . .

Alex said...

Oh this looks brilliant. I adore the cableknit back of the jacket.

Fell 4 Fashion said...

These pics are dynamite, seriously fabulous!!! You do double denim well!! :)

Anonymous said...

Denim on denim has always been the trend that just makes me shake with fear. LOVE the way you did. I'm going to try to work up the gumption to emulate this weekend :)

jen lainy said...

Love the outfit and that last pose is genius!! So g-r-r-reat!

Christina said...

Really pretty button up!

cocojones said...

heheh! tricky, but I think you've definitely got the right balance - the two denims are suitably contrasting. Interesting to hear your take on this - there's no way near enough people in London doing this type of look in a 'non-ironic' way, which kind of makes me want to see the real thing!

Celine said...

Denim Diaper Onesie! Hahahaha. Awesome. You look great. Now if you were wearing matching colored denim it might be a different story. Great last picture too :)

Sal said...

I fear the double denim. There, I said it. But you've done a bang-up job making it look chic and current in this ensemble, lady!

briannelee said...

Hahahahahaha, love that last photo!

Denim on demin is def tricky... I haven't tried it yet.

WendyB said...

What a great background for pictures. You look fabulous. It didn't even hit me that it was double denim at first. I'll have to add you to my most recent double-denim post right now!

Clare said...

As always, your posts are hysterical and I"m inappropriately laughing at work about denim onesies. My boss must think I'm insane.

But you look phenomenal, and totally rock this look!

anna said...

just picturing a denim onesie...i'll get back to you when i stop laughing!

futurelint said...

I love this look - you rocked the double denim perfectly! The details on the top are so pretty and I love that last photo!

Work With What You've Got said...

GIRL. Work those shorts.

Laura HH said...

Love denim. My dream job is one where I can wear jeans to work. I sometimes try to sneak them in as dress pants. I have owned denim shoes, shirts, dresses, wallets, purses, hair accessories (the 80's)trench-coats, jeans and shorts.

WendyB said...

Okay, I blogged you here: http://wendybrandes.com/blog/2010/04/leather-shorts-leader-and-more-double-denim/

RicAdeMus said...

What's a nice Canadian girl like you doing hanging out under a bridge (overpass?) and visiting my blog??? LOL

Thank you for stopping by. You've got a great blog!

Anonymous said...

You look so chic and cool and are totally rocking the double denim! I love this post.

Elaine said...

Totally love that jacket! And you look great in shorts!

P.S. Thanks for your comment today. Totally made me smile! :)

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prince said...

wow nice shots..like your outfit too

Other blog's Prince ronel and iamronel

PSUCoCo said...

You look great with the dbl denim- and just to let you know- where I'm from - we give proper credit where due; as we have always called that "rocking the Canadian tuxedo"!!!

what i would have worn... said...

I think you totally pulled this off hon! And the back of that jacket is just divine. It’s all in the details...

wardrobeexperience said...

i still don't kow what to think about wearing denim on denim... but i really like your version. looks great how you paired this pale denim jacket with those dark shorts.



Jenni said...

what an amazing place to shoot. Those pictures are so cool, look so great against all that amazing graffiti.

Christen said...

I haven't been brave enough to try denim on denim yet but you might have convinced me to at least attempt it. You make it look effortless!

Kyla said...

Oh, shiiiit. That last picture is da bomb!

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