Up to Par

We had a golf tournament at work today and I was thinking I could do a golf outfit post. You know, shake it up a bit, show my athletic side. Besides, I was rocking some awesome earrings I won from briannelee and it would have been nice to debut them. Unfortunately, it rained and we were soaking wet before we teed off the second hole. It rained on and off all day and by the end of eighteen holes, I was exhausted, drenched and my feets were dyed black from my flats. Not too pretty.
Two highlights of the day included me teeing off and having a wormburner (?) that landed two metres from the hole and I hit my co-worker (technically even one of my supervisors...) in the face with a club. You see, he was being kinda and holding the umbrella over me and I did not see him (really!) and I followed through on my shot (which I missed), hit the umbrella and grazed the side of his cheek. It's funny now, but I'm so glad he's ok. Beside the one good tee-off, I am really terrible at golf. It often takes me 5 swings to even hit the ball, no wonder I'm so tired...
So, no golf outfit post but here's what I wore yesterday.



Skirt? To The Limit (?), thrifted
Shirt? ABS, final Winners sales... super cheap.
Belt? Michael Kors, Winners
Bag? Zara
Earrings? h&m
Shoes? Steve Madden, DSW

I've been looking for a heavy lace skirt like this for a while and my thrifting came through. It's a little big, so I hiked it with a belt but the best part is that it fits comfortably over the bust and can be worn as a dress too. A black turtle neck, some tights and a belt to cinch and this skirt becomes my new favourite dress! Good times!


Clare said...

Love that skirt and I really like how you've cinched it with that awesome animal-print belt. Lovely. And I LOVE the golf story. Oh. my. god. hilarious!

briannelee said...

I love how you toughened up the skirt with the heels and belt!

God Made Me fuNky said...

love the skirt...i too have been looking for a nice lace skirt. love the belt you wore with it.
really love how the bow of the shirt is so prominent.

Taylor Sterling said...

first off I love the bag and the shoes! You look great! I am terrible at golf too.

Kelly & Tracy said...

This is a beautiful outfit!

Linda said...

So...where did you go in this outfit? That shirt is amazing...you are so polished.

The Vintage Modern Girl said...

oh my goodness! you are just so fabulous! love your style and your blog! thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment :-)

Anonymous said...

stunning! adore the blouse!

Wanderlusting said...

Hahahaha oh man that's why I don't do golf, I would hit everyone, self included.

What a gorgeous outfit, amazing purse!!

x0x0 Lusty

Invisible G. said...

This is way I despise golf. Rain and exhaustion. :) K - I am so skirtcrushing. Love it!

Dylana said...

This is such a great look - so working girl, but so much more fashionable!


Anonymous said...

love your style. i like the bag with the lace. you look lovely.

Elaine said...

GREAT skirt! I love this outfit on you. So sexy and simple! I have the same shoes as you..... :)

Sher said...

Ditto for me too! Awesome skirt!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Awesome shoes.

chic said...

I love everything about this look! Gorgeous as always! S.

Fell 4 Fashion said...

I am so in love with that bag!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I adore everything about this outfit!!!!!!!!!!!

Carrie said...

Wow, beautiful outfit. I love your shoes and the top looks gorgeous on you. Thanks for dropping by my blog and for leaving a comment. I really appreciate it.

You have a great fashion blog!

Christen said...

This outfit is BANANAS! Love everything about it!

E. Michelle said...

i think to the limit is max azria's walmart brand. which happens to be quite good, quite often- as in the case of your skirt...

lisahannam said...

This is my favourite look of yours, along with the blue blouse one from summer.

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