Paris Round-up

I complained about London being expensive, then I went to Paris...
But it was magnificent!

I am a snobby tourist. I refuse to take stupid pictures of every tourist attraction just to prove I've been there. I'd rather buy the post card. But the first day that we arrived in Paris, the sky and lighting were so perfect that I couldn't stop taking pictures. I am no photographer but I do feel pride when I look at these. Yes, I know, pride is evil.

paris arc day
paris arc eve
paris arc night

paris tower bw
I like how this on turned out too. This was taken while we were relaxing (ie. eating nutella crepes) by a fountain in front of the the tower.

paris statue1
paris statue2
Unwittingly, Matt and I took pictures of the exact same thing. First I thought my picture was better, now, I'm not so sure. Please end our misery and tell us, which is better? The winner gets bragging rights and the loser has kitty litter duty... it's important.

paris egypt
I took this picture for Linda because she used to be all into Egyptian stuff. Paris has Egyptian fountains, Greek pillars, Gothic-style churches... as long as it was extravagant, it was built.

paris flowers
Flowers, you are so pretty!

paris tourist matt
We wanted to make sure everyone knew we were tourists, so Matt wore a backpack...

paris buns of steel1
paris buns of steel2
Cindy Crawford, eat your heart out. These are the real buns of steel.

paris merry
Side-saddle like a lady.

paris macaroons
Everyone was right, the macaroons were delicious.

paris hotel
Our hotel was a little lacking... I wasn't expecting anything fancy but a toilet seat that was taped together isn't cool. There were more things...but the location was great and the ladies really did do a good job keeping it clean. So, as long as it's safe and clean, I guess we were ok. The only channel that was English was sports, so I caught up on tennis and tried to finish a beer. I couldn't. I'll know I'm a real grown-up when I start to enjoy the taste of beer.


paris grunge

Plaid shirt? Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Jeans? Seven, Winners
Tee? Zara
Boots? Gap
Purse? Elliot Lucca, Winners
Cuff? Goodwill auction

paris outfit dress
Maxi dress? Lida Baday, thrifted
Belt? thrifted
Sweater? Zara
Bag? Roots, thrifted
I bought a sweater because I was frozen, and I kinda liked how it worked out. An accidental lesson in layering.

paris outfit zara
Jeans? Zara (the only deal I got in Paris, seven euros...)
Sweater? Zara
Sandals? Indian import store?
Belt? Michael Kors, Winners
Necklace? h&m
Cuff? My mama's
Um, is that my tummy showing? I'm scandalous.

paris outfit scarf
Sandals, belt and jeans? as before
Striped tank? Tevrow and Chase, Winners
Denim jacket? Zara
Bag? Roots, thrifted
Scarf? h&m

I brought along quite a few dresses (even Matt's favourite one) but while it wasn't nasty outside, it was simply too cold to explore the city in the dresses I had. Since they don't award merit points for wearing a backless dress on a gusty, cool day, I went for comfort...


Sher said...

Seems like you cannot get a bad view of the Tower :)

Fell4fashion said...

These pics are gorgeous, FABULOUS one of the tower!!! and I am so in love with your maxi dress and sweater layering!! Looks like you had lots of fun :)

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a great time. love what you did with the maxi. love your sense of style. really enjoyed the pics...the scenery and esp the flowers.

God Made Me fuNky said...

beautfiful pic...love the night shot of Arc De Triomphe.love the outfits pics...the weater with maxi and the last one with all the layering are such great looks.
PS: I like the 1st pic of the pigeon on the statue...was that clicked by you?

Elaine said...

Hahahaha, I was seriously laughing throughout this post! You are SO funny!!!! First of all....I love your pictures!! Second...I love the second statue picture more...whosever it is! Third...I loved the backpack comment! Fourth, I love your outfits! Especially the last one.... Fifth...next time you go to France, please take me with you :D

Linda said...

1. Odd that you remember the Egypt thing. I do really still love Egyptian things but I heard actually going to Egypt is over-rated.

2. The second picture is better because it isn't completly centred. It doesn't follow "the rule of thirds"

3. You bought all those macaroons and only left me 2? You're a bad friend!. j.k

4. I love my bauble!

briannelee said...

I love all your outfits!!!!

I like the first picture in the "contest".

I think the pic of you touching the statue's butt is really funny ;)

Gerard said...

first picture

E said...

I am so SO jealous! Keep snapping away. I love the one of you grabbing the statue - ha!

Eyeliah said...

Hey, I just updated my links and added you to the blogroll. :-) Would be great if you add me too, no worries if not. :-)

Matt said...

I think that the second picture is much better

chic said...

Such wonderful shots of Paris! Really makes me want to be there again. It looks like you had a fabulous vacation, cold weather and lacking hotel notwithstanding. I LOVE the layered gray top over the maxi dress - my favorite of the outfits!

Also, I just want to add that I love your writing smile and that all your posts crack me up. S.

chic said...

PS: I prefer the first of the two pics. What's the tally? Who's on kitty litter duty? S.

haute hardware said...

*swoon* Looks like you had a fabulous time! That shot of you on the carousel is stunning.

Paul said...

The second shot is definitely better. (Matt, you owe me one!)

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I simply adore you style!!

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