Pregnant Pause

Ugh, I just got hit by the tired train (and yes, Amy I blame you :)). How come when you have time and energy, there is nothing to blog about and when you can't get near a computer and your bed is calling you, you have a plethora of posts lined up? As my mom would say, such is the life...
It's getting a bit chillier and it felt right to bust out 'Jentine's uniform' again. When I can't get inspired or I need something casual, I will always reach for brown boots and jeans. Thankfully, I've thrifted quite a few pairs of sweet brown boots, so hopefully this outfit combination won't get too boring for you, as we head for the colder months.

saddlebag front
saddlebag closeup

Jeans? borrowed
Shirt? handmade, thrifted
Belts? Fossil and Roots, thrifted
Boots? Charles David, thrifted
Bag? Zara
Cuff? birch bark, self made
The chipped nailpolish is purely from landscaping, it's not some sort of Avril Lavigne angst thing.

I found two belts that are of similar style and size and I wrapped them both around my waist and I linked them to the opposite belt. I though this was pretty clever or perhaps I'm just easy to amuse...
I wrote about the these saddle bag jeans that I borrowed from a pregnant friend here. She just had a baby girl a few weeks ago and she's putting away the marsupial pouch maternity pants, already fitting into her pre-pregnancy turkey eating pants and it well on the way to skinny jeans again. I thought I'd sneak in one last little wear before they are returned. So, when she's ready for her skinny jeans, her skinny jeans are ready for her. I kinda touched on it in my last post but I couldn't help feeling guilty about borrowing jeans from a pregnant lady. I feel a little like the person who puts their handbag on the seat beside them on the bus and lets the sweet old lady stand. My closet is already bursting, do I really need to borrow from the pregnant ones? Well, it's done now. I didn't wear them too much ( I promise) but they were fun to wear and the girl I borrowed from knows my closet doors are always open for her. Thanks buddy!

ps. Just a little shout-out to my readers and commenters (spell check says that's not a word...). As always, thanks for wasting time at My Edit and thanks for making my time so easy to waste at your blogs... xo


~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

Cute outfit!


briannelee said...

I like the double belt idea!

I always reach for brown boots as well when I am not sure what else to wear. They do the trick ;)

San Francisco Stylephile said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE your cuff! Can we get a close-up? ;)

Megan Wolf said...

What a great idea with the two belts! looks funky, but fun and casual. The boots are a great color as well. I would reach for them if they were in my closet too! really liking this look on you!



chic said...

I agree with the above, the double belt idea is fantastic! I'm definitely going to be stealing this one as I'll try to keep my limited wardrobe more exciting over the year to come. This uniform of yours is definitely a winner! S.

Anonymous said...

very neat idea with two belts. funny about borrowing jeans from a pregnant lady:)

BreckenridgeClare_fashionblog said...

I love the belts =] and the story about the pregnant lady jeans =]
too cute! I seriously wish I could raid your closet, at the moment my closet doors are far from busting open, but I'm hoping to get some fall shopping done soon!

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