Finders Keepers





Cropped cargos? Marni, thrifted
Metallic vest? h&m
Layer tank? Mossimo, Target
Shoes? Derek Lam, Holt's LC
Scarf? thrifted
Purse? Claudia Firenze, Winners

It's true. I'm all horseshoes when I am thrifting. I make some people sick, they can't go thrifting with me because my eyes glaze over and I'm hard to find under the stacks of fantastic thrown over my arms. If there is one certainty in my life, it is that I am a great shopper and maybe even a better thrifter. To keep me humble, I am terrible at basketball, even worse at golf, I still type with two fingers and I can't carry a tune. But boy can I shop.
I found these Marni cargos at Goodwill in my university days. Linda wrote about me finding them in her blog here. Yes, when I found them I started to yell 'Linda! Marni!' really loudly. In my excitement, I denied my upbringing, and forgetting that I was a lady, I did not use my inside voice. I think you can forgive my excitement, the pants were brand new, made of crisp yet soft cotton, had great design details and quality hardware... That, however, was not the embarrassing part... You see, I was screaming 'Linda! Marni!' at the girl beside me because I thought she was Linda aaaannnnndddd she wasn't. This girl must still be telling stories of the crazies at Goodwill... But my story is still better, it's called 'The Day I Found $8 Marni Pants at Goodwill.'


C said...

So. jealous.

In other news, those shoes are awesome! So. jealous.

Krystal said...

It's official. I'm jealous. And it's also official, I'm thrift shopping with you. K? K. Thanks.

Ah, still super jealous!

Linda said...

bahahaha! Oh that story is by far my favorite. WOW! I could just imagine the look on that girls face. I was so bored in there. You have had those for a while now. probably what, 4 years?
I realized that 75% of that outfit was brought in my presence.

Secondhand Stella said...

Hahahahahaha, that is something I would do too. I usually go thrift shopping by myself and sometimes I squeal out loud when I find a "treasure".

I really like your blue scarf :)

Danielle said...

SO funny!! I would be screaming too! Great find! :)

Nana Erin said...

Those crazy pants are RE-DICK-U-LOUS in a fabulous way. I can promise you it takes a very brave girl to pull them off, and you totally do!~

Polished Sense said...

Hi, new here. Glad I found your blog! So cute :P Is that you in these photos? If it is, you look fabulous! I love your outfit here. Great shots too, keep them coming, I'll be back :p


InMyFullCloset said...

Goodwill can be a goldmine, especially if you know which Goodwills to go to ;)

Anonymous said...

I am so envious of those fantastic shoes!!! I love the story, too. I'm almost always terrible at thrifting, and I wish I weren't, especially when I see amazing scores like those. And your trousers are awesome, too! I love this whole look!

haute hardware said...

Those shoes are fantastical!

Unknown said...

i love those cargos...amazing

Orchid Grey said...

amazing pants, amazing find!