The Cure All


Recently and randomly, Matt and I ended up in a tiny little Apothecary Museum (What? Your weekend plans are more exciting?). There was an interesting mix of old pharmacy equipment, retro medical advertisements, crazy pills... you know, lots of good stuff. My favourite thing was the Pink Pills for Pale People. Clearly the doctor who invented this was not only a medical genius but a marketing guru as well... the alliteration is astounding. The PP4PP promises to cure a litany of ailments, including 'female weaknesses'(line 3). I would say my 'female weaknesses' are occasionally shopping in excess, my basketball shot and crying uncontrollably during those ads for the Humane Society. It would be nice to be cured.
I suppose it's easy to make fun of these Pink Pills but are the next generations going to laugh at us for some of our medical practices? Botox much lately?