lin shower

Linda held in a bosom hug at her shower this weekend.

Do you ever ask a friend if 'these jeans make my butt look fat?' and they say 'no' but their eyes look away and you wonder did they just get lazy eye or are they are just big liars? Linda is NOT that friend. Linda is the most honest person I know and she tells it like it is. Maybe if everyone had a friend like Linda no one would leave the house in Crocs because they do make your feet look fat...
Linda is the funny chick who writes the best comments on my blog. Sometimes, I feel like I should be offended but I'm too busy laughing.
So, I got Linda started on this waste of time but so addictive thing called fashion blogging and she has recently started her own blog. I wouldn't say that it is strictly a fashion blog, it's more about a creative life, posts on personal events (she's getting married soon...exciting...) and her opinion on things, lots of things. Luckily for us, her opinions are funny and worthwhile. So, the tall, Dutch kid (me) is telling you to go check out the short, Italian kid's blog.... Struggles of a Creative Mind.
Thanks! xo


Linda said...

Tee hee thanks!
Your booby hug was grand and lovely.

Unknown said...

awww how kute!